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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by andi, Jan 28, 2008.

  1. andi

    andi Guest

    After putting it off 2 years ago we have today made the decision to go for it. Now the scary stuff starts. Any advice or comments would be helpful.

    We have logged with an agency and will ring the dept of immigration next week to see which visa is best for us and whether to go it alone or use an agency - any hits would be helpful.

    We are bringing our 17 year son who is 18 next months so not sure where we stand with him, we also have a 21 year old who says he will join us in a couple of years once this OH has finished her teaching degree. That will be the hardest leaving my beautiful 1yr old grandaughter behind.

    My OT installs satallite and broadband systems in the UK so any advice on how easy work will be over there will be helpful.

    Think after lots of research we have decided on Brizzy suburbs but will make our minds up after we visit later this year. OH choice really for no other reason that Brisbane Broncos!!

    After an initial enquiry with a subsidiary of Foxtel there say they might be interested in sponsoring his visa, but not sure if he will be then tied to a job - would be nice to know a job is waiting for him though.

    Well any comments on Brizzy, Satallite TV, weather, housing, visa options and problems will be very very very helpful.

    Guess the sleepless nights start here but then after 15 years of talking about it, its about time we put our ar-e into gear.


  2. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Hiya if you have enrolled an agent they should tell you what visa is best for you,obviously as unrestricted as possible is best,but it depends what skills on the MODL they can match you up with up.From what ive read the on line applications are moving quicker.We used Visa Bureau and they helped us every step of the way but many folks do it unaided i guess its personal prefernce.
    We have Foxtel in Brisbane rather than sky but im not sure of the ins and outs.We have been here just over a year and are loving everything life throws at us,there are so many beautiful areas it is hard to chosse a suburb to live ,your best bet is to write a list of things you want ,,i.e,,how far to shops,schools,beach etc,,also have a look at for an idea of property prices,and is a great informative website ,good luck with everything
    Cal x

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