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Discussion in 'Socialising & Get Togethers' started by emma&ade, Aug 23, 2012.

  1. emma&ade

    emma&ade Guest

    Hi everyone,

    I moved to the Sunshine Coast from Melbourne a few weeks ago with my boyfriend and am finding it quite difficult to make friends.
    I haven't started working yet so haven't had the opportunity to meet many people!
    I am 25 outgoing, friendly and enjoy socalising with a few drinks :)

    Would be lovely to hear from anyone who is interested in socialising or in the same boat!

    Liv :cute:

    Hello:) I just moved from the sunshine coast from the states and know no one! Back home I had some really close friends that would do anything, its so different not knowing one! Looking foreword to hearing from you!

    Hi guys;

    We have only been on the Sunny Coast about 5 months and were in the same boat. Finding it really hard to meet people the same age, with the same interests. If anyone fancies meeting up at some point soon just give me a shout.

    Free this weekend if anyone fancys doing something.


    Hey ladies where abouts on the Sunny coast are you guys???

    I would LOVE to meet up!! I am new here and have no social circle and miss girly time, wine and having friends!

    Please PM if you do read this :)
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