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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by Liv87, Aug 23, 2012.

  1. emma&ade

    emma&ade Guest

    New to the coast

    Hi everyone

    Same situation here. We've not been on the coast long and looking to meet new people. My hubby also does FIFO which makes it difficult and I'm not working yet so it's hard to meet new people. Would love to meet up with you guys.

    If anyone fancies meeting up for coffee at some point that would be great. My hubby is back this weekend if anyone wants to meet up Saturday. Just let me know.

  2. Leah

    Leah Guest

    Hi everyone, I'm 22 and have just moved to the Sunshine Coast from New Zealand. I am seriously lacking in a social life and would love some new friends. I stumbled upon this post and would love to meet up and make some new friends. My name is Leah free to add me/message me and hope to meet up soon!

  3. hay85

    hay85 Guest

    I didn't realise there where so many people in the same situation. I'm 28 and have lived here 18 months and find it hard to meet people of similar age. Living in Marcoola and have been going to a gym, but finding people there are too busy exercising to socialise! My partner is a baker, so his hours are very unsociable and leaves me with evenings free by myself, so I'd love to get together with some girls some time. Hayley.
  4. Michelle88

    Michelle88 Guest

    Hi Hayley. Pm me please ..... and I can let you know next time we are meeting up :)
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  5. Liv87

    Liv87 Guest

    Hi all,
    Sorry I have been so slack...have been majorly busy recently and haven't checked on here in forever!!!! Sounds like everyone is in the same boat and is keen on meeting up.
    Anyone can PM me :)
  6. Love Shoes

    Love Shoes Super Moderator

    Just a thought, but it might be worth setting up a SC group on this forum, it may make it easier to find your messages to each other, if you want I will do it .... Just holler please x x
  7. tanyav

    tanyav Guest

    hi I am Tanya I.m.also 25 years old...almost in the same boat..Wana catch up?

    Hi I am Tanya I am in the same boat...if u Wana catch up for drinks let me knw
  8. tanyav

    tanyav Guest

    I am Tanya ..I m 25 year old livin in maroochydore..I am also lukin for frds to chill out..if u fancy a drink let me knw
  9. tanyav

    tanyav Guest

    hi I am Tanya I am 25 years old..I am an Indian...m also lukin for frdsto chill out.
    If u Wana catch up let me knw
  10. LucieJ

    LucieJ Guest

    Hi everyone. I'm 28 and I am new to the Sunshine coast and living in Maroochydore. Please can we arrange a meet up? Girls get together? Happy to have it at my house.
    Or if you would like to meet up just PM me :)
  11. Vicki

    Vicki Guest

    Hi Everyone,

    My name is Vicki, I'm 26 and moved to the Sunshine Coast late last year with my fiancé - also finding it hard to meet people as I am working in an office with 2 people. Would be interested in knowing if you guys have organised any catch ups or have any planned?
  12. Sushil Kumar

    Sushil Kumar Guest

    i moved hear from cairns with my girl friend .i own cleaning company .just little hard to make friends .cause our work is always after hour and its hard to meet up people.i am 24 and love outgoing and grap few beer .if anyone catch up would be great:)
  13. Sushil Kumar

    Sushil Kumar Guest

    hi michlle
    i just moved few month ago with my partner. hard to make friend .love to catch with you guys. just let me know we can organise something..
  14. Judy

    Judy Guest

    Hi I'm Judith 23 years old. I moved to Caloundra 6 months ago. Unluckily couldn't make many friends.
    I really need a good friend to spent some time with. Love to go to movies and markets, Love food and beach also dancing and wine.
    Sounds good to you ? please email me.;);)
  15. theonetwo

    theonetwo New Member

    You boldly communicate with people around , they are extremely sociable and friendly there
  16. Camy

    Camy New Member

    Hi . My husband and our two teenage kids have just moved to Caloundra and i find it hard to find friends . Could anyone recommend clubs or catch ups. We like the outdoors and going for drinks .
  17. Woj

    Woj New Member

    So awesome to have found this site :)
    Im Wojtek, 42, will be moving down to the sunshine Coast in september with my wife (31) and our 2 small Kids (3 and 6.5). For the first month around Mt coolum (we were there this yr - we loved it! !) and then around the Mooloolaba area. Honestly IMO if u can land a job on the SC there is no better place!!! :)
  18. takeshi14121990

    takeshi14121990 New Member

    Hi! I completely understand where your coming from i'm a brit and miss it too!

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