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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by Liv87, Aug 23, 2012.

  1. Liv87

    Liv87 Guest

    Hi everyone,

    I moved to the Sunshine Coast from Melbourne a few weeks ago with my boyfriend and am finding it quite difficult to make friends.
    I haven't started working yet so haven't had the opportunity to meet many people!
    I am 25 outgoing, friendly and enjoy socalising with a few drinks :)

    Would be lovely to hear from anyone who is interested in socialising or in the same boat!

    Liv :cute:

  2. Bron

    Bron Guest

    hi there. How are you finding it up there now? I'm considering a move from Melbourne to Buderim (I've only been in Melbourne two years) and I'm interested in hearing how it is going for you. I'm older than you (forties) so you may not want to be socialising with the likes of me if/when I move up, but keep me in mind anyway. I'm looking at making the trip at the end of January. What part of the SC are you living in?
  3. Liv87

    Liv87 Guest

    Hi Bron,
    Still finding it a bit of a struggle to find full time work (No-one seems to work full time up here) but apart frm that I am loving it up here.
    The weather is amazing and the area is beautiful. So much to do on the weekends.
    We are currently living close to Mooloolaba.
    Have you been up here before?
  4. Pommysusie

    Pommysusie Guest

    Hi Liv,

    I've been living in the Sunshine Coast for 3.5yrs. Love the weather but miss the people from home! I'm 28 have a little boy who's 2 and a hubby who's a bit older 41 and an Aussie! Used to work for ITV in the UK and lived in Manchester - I think it's fair to say I miss all things to do with Manny apart from the weather! Would love to meet up with some fello expats there's something very comforting about being around Brits! Head down the beach for a barby! Utilize this weather! I'm up in Peregian - Mooloolaba's a good place to be.

    Is your boyf a Brit?
  5. Pommysusie

    Pommysusie Guest

    I just realized that this forum is probably not for Brits haha! I've been looking at Brits in Aus websites and it lead me to this! Sorry for the assumption! Bron I think it's fair to say nice you adjust to life in QLD you'll never want to go back to Melb because of the weather. My hubby is from Melb and he loves life up here. It takes a while to adjust though like any move.

  6. Bron

    Bron Guest

    Hu Liv Hi Susie
    My paremts live in Hervey Bay so I've spent quite a bit of time that part of QLD. I've travelled through the area and spent a few weeks at cotton tree before moving to Brisbane for a few minths. But that was over 10 years ago.
    I know I like the lifestyle up there but finding work is the problem. I need to get away from Melbourne's weather though. The hot dry days are nice but it gets way too cold in winter. I'm over the cold!

    I would actually prefer a couple of part time jobs over a fulltime one.... Mix it up a not bothered about that but wonder about how long it will take me.

    It is def where i'd like to be and unless the work situation scares me off, i'll be there mid to late january. I'll be up for a coffee, drink, walk with any one who is interested.
  7. Hi! I've just moved to the Sunshine coast for a year on a working holiday visa and completely understand where your coming from! Let me know if you fancy a drink x
  8. Hi! I completely understand where your coming from i'm a brit and miss it too! x
  9. Tee(:

    Tee(: Guest

    Hey everyone :)
    i'm 21 and living in maroochydore, i've been here 2 and a half years but i'm looking to expand my circle of friends and get to know more people as i only know a few through work who are much older than me and simply prefer older company. I'm just looking for new friends who would be keen to go to the movies, grab a coffee, go to the beach or would like to hit up a pub/bar/club and a have a drink.
    cheers :)
  10. Michelle88

    Michelle88 Guest

    Hi Liv

    i moved to maroochydore a few weeks ago with my boyfriend also. I am 25 and also finding it hard to get work! My boyfriend flies out for 7 days at a time and it gets very lonely and boring!! I like to think I'm friendly and also don't mind a drink or two :) haha

    would be lovely to hear from you if you are still in the same boat :)

    michelle :))
  11. Tee(:

    Tee(: Guest

    Hi Liv,
    My name's Tee i'm 21 and i live in Maroochydore, i'm looking for new people to socialise with as the only people i know are from work who are fairly older than me and prefer older company. I'm easy going and drama free so if you would like to grab a coffee, or have a drink or two, feel free to message me
    Tee :)
  12. Liv87

    Liv87 Guest

    Hi All,

    I am so sorry (Bron and Susie) that I have taken so long to reply back!!! Had actually given up going on here-was a nice surprise to see replies :)
    Well I have now started working but to be honest the people I work with aren't exactly people I would socialise with outside of work! I work with all guys so need some girlie friends.

    If any or all of you are interested in meeting up-let me know and we'll arrange something.

    Liv :)
  13. I just moved here from the states alone and know no one!! So I'm in the same boat! If your still looking let me know! I would love a friend to hang out with!
  14. Buzzi2bee

    Buzzi2bee Guest

    Hi!ive been on the coast for almost 2 years now and I've loved it! Great place and great weather! I'm 26 and have found it hard to make friends as I used to do a FIFO job and couldn't join any clubs etc. also my boyfriend lives 2hrs outside of Melbourne so LOTS of travelling for me!!!

    If anyone is at a loose end and would like coffee or a beer or something, send me a message :)
  15. LuckyLucy

    LuckyLucy Guest

    Hi all,

    Im 28, I moved to Minyama (5 min drive from mooloolaba) from scotland in september 2012 with my boyfriend. We both work in caboolture but don't get to socialise with our workmates much as they all live at least an hours drive south of here. Also it all seems to be older people or familys that live in our complex.

    Feel free to drop me a line :)
  16. Cazza THFC

    Cazza THFC New Member

    Hi all, my name is cazza and myself, hubby Jim and 2 yr old son max are moving to buderim end of Jan. Countdown is on! We are both in 30s so If a meet up is organised count us in! Jim is an electrician and I am a pa. Will start looking for work etc as soon as max is settled. Best of luck to all.
  17. Pommysusie

    Pommysusie Guest

    Lets meet up!

    Hi girls,
    sorry I've been missing in action in the conversation haven't checked this page in ages!
    from what everyone is saying we're all up for making new friends so I suggest we arrange a catch up.
    there are a few that are not going to be up here and settled until the end of Jan so do we want to wait or have a mini catch up first, then another once everyone is settled?
    Is weekend best for most people? I have a little boy who's 2 but hopefully at the weekend my hubby could have him.
    There's a good age range between us all it seems, so I think we should defo all get together (I'm 28 - 29 in Feb!) I live up in Peregian Beach (on acreage across from Peregian Springs) you're all more than welcome to come over to my place or we can meet somewhere neutral, I'm easy.
    let me know you're thoughts.
    Susie xx
  18. Cazza THFC

    Cazza THFC New Member

    Sounds like a plan! I'm in. would be gr8 to meet end of Feb if poss as we are having a mini hol up the gold coast before we start looking for work etc. Are any of you on face book too?
  19. Michelle88

    Michelle88 Guest

    I would be in for a catch up to! STILL haven't found work. The boyfriend is away 8 days at a time. So I'm very bored and lonely! Facebook name is Michelle van Koutrik :)
  20. Buzzi2bee

    Buzzi2bee Guest

    I'm up for a catch up! Probably not hot coffee in this ridiculous weather though!!!

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