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Discussion in 'Socialising & Get Togethers' started by lbnc, Aug 19, 2012.

  1. lbnc

    lbnc Guest

    Hello everyone,

    I moved to the GC a few months ago with my boyfriend, and am finding it difficult to make friends. I have just started a new job so hopefully will start socialising there, but I am looking for people who are wanting to make new friends. I am really struggling with homesickness at the moment, and hate the fact my friends are thousands of miles away. I am outgoing, friendly and enjoy having a good time...oooh and a drink or two :)

    Would be lovely to hear from anyone who wants to socialise!!

    Natasha :smile:

  2. Sarahlou9432

    Sarahlou9432 New Member

    Hey Natasha

    Im not actually at the GC yet I'm moving there in jan. have u moved there from the uk !!! (that's were I am at the mo)

    Whats it like there Hun and is it easy to find jobs

  3. lbnc

    lbnc Guest

    Hi Sarah,

    Yeah have moved from the UK, my boyfriend is now a permanent resident but I am out here for a year seeing if I enjoy it and if I want to stay here etc!! Are you moving permanently?

    So far I have loved being on the GC, the weather is amazing compared to the UK...27 in winter time, you can't complain really!! I am yet to visit other cities though so I don't have much else to base it on apart from the UK :) loads to see and do, lots of shopping and dining out places!

    Being on a working visa atm, I have found to very difficult to get a job and I think I will continue to do so. But there are lots of jobs around, suppose it just depends on what profession you work in. I have read on other forums that some people have found it difficult being British over here and finding a job...however this wasn't a problem at all for my boyfriend so not sure how true it is! He wasn't picky though, he just took whatever he was offered to get some money for now.

    Are you moving with family?

    Natasha x
  4. Sarahlou9432

    Sarahlou9432 New Member


    The weather sounds amazing :) !! I'm coming over with my boyfriend on a one year working visa to see how we like it.
    Were flying over on the 7th jan so not long now :) But we don't have any accomedation sorted yet :/ were not sure what to do we wanted a place on our own.

    What was it like at the airport in oz did u get questioned loads !!
    Where about in the uk are you from I'm in Aylesbury Buckinghamshire.

    :) Sarah x
  5. lbnc

    lbnc Guest

    Yeah it really is amazing, I've heard people say its the coldest winter for a long time but compared to the UK it is no way cold at all!! Ah I see, yeah that's the same as what I have done except my boyfriend is staying here permanetly! Oooh it will come round so quick, I bet you are looking forward to it aren't you? Have you tried looking on Gumtree, they have adverts for accomodation etc on there?

    The airport was fine, I had no problems at all. No I didn't get questioned, just walked through like most other people! I did have all the information on me just incase, like my visa number, a print out of my bank statement to prove I had enough money, a print out of my return flight booking etc just incase I were to get questioned. I'm from probably haven't heard of it! But it's half way between Portsmouth & Brighton!

    Natasha xx
  6. Sarahlou9432

    Sarahlou9432 New Member

    Yeh I am really looking forward to it ! Just going to miss my family so much !!!! But once I'm there I'm sure it be fine :)

    Ill have to look on gum tree how far away are you from the city of Brisbane is it easy to get to ! :)

    We have looked at places on the GC and the beachs look awesome !!
    Are you loving it then do u reckon you will stay :) x
  7. lbnc

    lbnc Guest

    Yeah that is the bit I find the hardest, I miss my family and friends so so much! Erm...we are about an hour away in the car and an hour and a half by train. But loads of people seem to commute to the city via train for work and its pretty simple!

    Yes the beaches are amazing!! Yeah I am enjoying it, I want to see other cities too like Sydney, Cairns etc. But I'm not sure about staying, I don't feel I have spent enough time here to make that decision and the thought of living so far away from my parents is horrible!! But once I have settled in a bit more, it might become more clear :)

  8. Erikany

    Erikany Guest

    Hi! I just moved here, would be great to meet up! :) where do you live? :)
  9. Em_10

    Em_10 New Member

    Hi guys!

    My husband and I are living here on the Gold Coast. I'm originally from Bath in the UK and my husband is South African. I found it very hard to get use to being in Australia; it's such an awesome place on paper (beaches - tick, great weather - tick, opportunity - tick) but sometimes things on paper just don't add up in your head! I still miss the UK after being here for 6 years!! I guess you really have to make an effort to fit in here and maybe I'm guilty of not trying hard enough! I did go back to the UK last year for a holiday and after that trip I really did see more good in Australia. We have lived on the Gold Coast for most of our time here; but we've moved around heaps trying to find our spot and we've never really stayed in one area. We also run our own business so it makes it hard to meet friends through work etc. At the moment we are considering a move to Cairns as we've traveled up there a fair bit and really love it - I don't know though - it's so hard to make the right decision, sometimes I guess you just have to go for it and see what comes as a result!

    Natasha and Erikany, I hope you guys are settling in; it's always hard being away from family - especially as Australia is a SERIOUSLY long and expensive journey from the UK. Are you guys both on 1 year working visas?

    Emma :)
  10. davebowks37

    davebowks37 Guest

    Hi everyone,

    Myself and the misses have recently moved to the Gold Coast from Brisbane but we're originally from England (Huddersfield).

    Would be great to catch up for a beer sometime and to meet some new friends here on the Coast.

    We both work but evenings and weekends are usually pretty quiet, probably due to the lack of friends we have.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    Dave and Jo
  11. Sarahlou9432

    Sarahlou9432 New Member

    Hey David and jo !!

    How you getting on in oz !! Me and my boyfriend are coming to brisbane on the 8th January on a one year working holiday visa ! How long are you guys staying for !! We haven't got accommodation yet we hoping to house share with someone but not sure if we can get that sorted our end or not !! How have you found it is it what you expected lol sorry for all the questions :)

    look forward to hearing from you !

    Sara x
  12. davebowks37

    davebowks37 Guest

    Hi sara,

    we are getting on pretty well in oz now. We have been here for over four years but only recently moved to the gold coast.

    We found it took a while to get settled and get on our feet after jos physio qualifications didnt transfer to oz....a very long story, but now things are smashing.

    We are here permanently now i would have thought....we got our permanency in march.

    Before moving here we were on and looking for houses. In bris we lived in south brisbabe, fortitude valley (unfortunately) and enoggera and prices ranged from 330 - 365 a.week. We didnt look at sharing bit i think you can look on the above sites for that.

    Do you have work?

    Let me know if you need any other help.

  13. davebowks37

    davebowks37 Guest

    O and we have found it a bit difficult to make new friends after having a close group of mates back home.

    Hopefully now we are settled that will sort itself out......fingers crossed.
  14. Sarahlou9432

    Sarahlou9432 New Member

    Thanks for the reply ! No,we don't have work yet we just wanna travel and get some part time work when we are there. at the moment it's just for a year to see what happens :) we're hoping to come out with a nice bit of money in our pocket to support us but its still scary lol ! Is the weather as nice as it says it is online !

    Sara :)
  15. davebowks37

    davebowks37 Guest

    Not sure what work you'll be looking for but if you're want to do bar work I've heard you need to get a Responsible Service of Alcohol certificate try or

    The weather has been pretty awesome this year so far. We have found that it can be quite wet through Dec, Jan and Feb but people I've met have said Christmas time is usually good weather, maybe we brought the rain.

    It is scary coming over but as long as you have money for flights home you'll be fine.

  16. SVB25

    SVB25 Guest

    Hi I recently moved to the GC as well by myself an I would love to make new friends where abouts on the GC are you??
  17. davebowks37

    davebowks37 Guest

    Svb25, might sound a daft queation but you male or female?
  18. ozcabs

    ozcabs New Member

    Hi, sorry to open an old post, we are looking to widen our circle. We are 39, 2 kids aged 4 and 9.
    Maybe a Sunday afternoon in the park, or a meal one night.

    Anyone up fot that, get in touch.
  19. Clarkies

    Clarkies Guest

    Hi Ozcabs, we have been here 9 months living in pacific pines, thinking of moving nearer to the coast. We are also looking to broaden our very small circle of friends. We are 40ish with kids at home of 3, 12 & 18.
    Feel free to get in touch if you want to meet up :)
  20. ozcabs

    ozcabs New Member

    Hi Clarkies.
    I think we are looking at a BBQ next Sunday in a park (weather permitting), Will message you through the week, with more details.


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