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Discussion in 'Socialising & Get Togethers' started by steve&dee, May 11, 2008.

  1. steve&dee

    steve&dee Guest

    Hi there

    Steve and I have recently moved to Bris (Jan 08) Steve is from Uk and I am South African..

    We live in New Farm and me being the forever social organiser and missing my mates in SA, thought I would "throw" a picnic in the park...

    Then I thought, Ok so there I am sorted - but what about my husband.. lets find him some English friends too....

    Soooo if you'd like to join us:

    DATE: 18 MAY 08


    TIME: 12 PM

    I will tie a YELLOW RIBBON, round the old.. think it is a Jacaranda tree...

    bring picnic treats and blankets - children... everyone welcome...


  2. wheezie

    wheezie Guest

    HI, will be interested to come along. we just moved to New farm from the uk and dont know anyone. pls can you clarify whereabouts you will be. will be wandering around looking very lost. the park is so big i wouldnt know where to start. thanks, look forward to meeting you all
  3. Cymru

    Cymru New Member

    we may come

    hi dee

    we have been in brisbane for just over a week and would love to meet up with people, especially any that have kids (mine are 7 and 14).

    as i am useless at directions, i wouldnt have a clue where new farm is. Can you give any specific directions, we are in the south west area.

  4. steve&dee

    steve&dee Guest

    Hi there
    That's lovely that you'll be joining, there seems to be a big group coming, if they all turn up of course - I am going to tie yellow ribbon and balloons around a tree, close to the water edge...

    cheers dee
  5. steve&dee

    steve&dee Guest

    Hi there

    Great that you will join, I am sure there will be other kids, know of one definitely - who is a girl of 9 years of age (our SA friends daughter).. sure more will be joining, we don't know the other families coming...

    Ok - new farm park is on the north side, if you go to google maps and key in New Farm park you will see the area, the best way for you to come in is over story bridge, right into Brunswick Street, and alllll the way down will toward the river will lead you straight to the park... you may have to park up a street or two and walk down toward the river, we will be on the river edge with yellow balloons tied round the tree.. easy to spot..

    great see you there, dee
  6. steve&dee

    steve&dee Guest

    Hi there, sorry can you tell me your name? so we can look out for you... thanks
    dee & steve
  7. steve&dee

    steve&dee Guest

    Sorry - also wanted to say, we will be closer to the river edge, with a yellow balloons tied to the closest tree, seems like lots of sa's coming... so listen out for the accent ha ha
  8. alles

    alles New Member


    Hi to all sounds good to us myself alan wife laura and 3 kids loz 11 elliot 10 sophie 8 will :biggrin:be there.
    all the best the taylors Upper Coomera formaly adelaide.
  9. Cymru

    Cymru New Member

    sorry we are not going to be able to make it this time. i think the stress of moving interstate has finally taken its toll - we are all feeling under the weather and wont be moving far from the house this weekend.

    hope we can join in next time.

  10. steve&dee

    steve&dee Guest

    I am sure you know New Farm Park, suburb New Farm, all way down Brunswick street toward the river.. 12pm..

    have a lovely friday
  11. steve&dee

    steve&dee Guest

    Shame, I am sure it is exhausting.. it would be lovely to meet you tho, perhaps another time.. just give us a shout.. maybe when you ready and settled we can meet somewhere nice..
    Dee & Steve

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