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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by Julie and Iain 2013, Jan 16, 2013.

  1. Hi my fiancé and I and our son have decided to take the plunge and move to Brisbane in Australia . My partner has took the job offer for a HGV mechanic in Darra. The company he works for gives us accommodation for 4 weeks when we come over in August . We are looking for property to rent in Brisbane for September 2013 . I would like to know what are the best areas to rent in Brisbane that are child friendly as my son will nearly be two . I am worried about making friends out here to a I don't know anyone i hope i can make friends on here at home I am a very sociable person I enjoy meeting new people . I would like to find out where the play groups are and other activities I can do with my son . I am a nursery assistant who works for an agency called bright works in edinburgh scotland what childcare agencies are in Brisbane?
    any help or advice would be much appreciated

    kind regards Julie and Iain x

  2. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Hi Guys

    The majority of us arrive with no-one we know as this end, migrating is a bit like leaving home as a teenager and starting adult life all over again. I found it best not to put too much pressure on your self . especially with making friends, its take time but will happen, you just have to get out there, chat and mix with others.

    If hubby is working in Darra the western suburbs may be of interest to you as its quite a stright forwards commute. The only way to know if an area is for you is to visit, so the best way of finding places you like is to drive, drive and drive some

    Cal x
  3. Kforsythklf

    Kforsythklf New Member

    Hi Julie,
    sounds like your in the same position as me and my family :) we are planning to move to Brisbane (from derbyshire UK) by late Dec 13, and I share your worries also, we will be coming out without work, but my husbands friend has offerred us accomodation in hus house until we find work and a home, so its not so daunting....if it helps I have been doing some research into schools and the three most favourable state primary schools are bardon, rainsworth and chapel hill...all close enough to the City. I think my daughter will go to Bardon (it looked the nicest from its website and its just a hunch I get) its also close to Brisbane High School (the school ive chosen for my Son to attend) he starts seniors in 2014. What an adventure for you all eh?... I'm trying to keep focused on all of all the positives of a move, coz I think I'd never do it, if I actually have too much thought about how I am going to feel to leave our family and friends behind :( Good Luck with your move and if you have any tips to offer once you get settled there, then I'd be glad to receive them :) Karen x
  4. thehousehunters

    thehousehunters New Member

    Hi Julie

    If your hubby is working in Darra there are some lovely western suburbs around and it would depend on how long your hubby would want to travel to get to and from work and what type of lifestyle you would like here i.e. do you want to be close to coffee shops/retail etc. However, without a doubt you will find something lovely in the western suburbs area. the largest major shopping centre on that side of town is Indooroopilly Shopping Centre of course there are smaller centres around.

    You could look at joining a play group when you arrive. There are plenty around and can be found online. This could help you meet new people and also a play mate for your 2 year old.

    Are you looking for daycare centres or actual daycare agencies for job placement? I just note you mentioned you were a nurse so wasn't sure. If you are looking for a daycare agency let me know i'll ask for you as my daughters Godmother is a kindy teacher (daycare carer) and i'll be able to find out for you.

    The House Hunters
  5. thehousehunters

    thehousehunters New Member

    Hi Karen,

    Your son should enjoy BSHS. I used to attend that school (a long while ago now) and have great memories and mates. Its got a great sports culture and does very well academically. We are also considering this school if we decide on the co-ed option, our kids are still a little little to worry too much about high school at this stage but we are thinking already.

    The schools you have chosen for your daughter have great reputations. Those areas are also beautiful. Have you considered West End Primary School (another one of my old schools) as an option if your son is attending BSHS? Of course this is more of an option if you are living on that side of the river - if you do look on that side of the river St Ita's is also a well known and reputable primary school not far away either (as a private option).

    The House Hunters
  6. Thank you cal for your advice we will look at the western Suburbs :) x
  7. Hi Karen
    its great to know that someone else is in the same boat as us :) that's great that you have accommodation till you find somewhere . We are going for two years and if we like it will become an Australian citizen by 2015 . And will look at schools . It is an adventure but a fun one I have always wanted to travel and go to Australia then I fell pregnant with my son . Now we have an amazing opportunity to better out lives. I am also scared of leaving my family and friends they are a big part of our lives but we have to give it a go if we don't we would always have that thought what if we went . There is Skype which is great to keep in regular contact with friends and family . There is just so much more job opportunities better lifestyle better weather there is a lot of positives I will definitely let you know how we get on as a new married couple and family . If you would like we could meet up and have a cool drink as it is their summer and reaches 38 degrees lol take care and all the best to you and your family Karen :) x
  8. Hi house hunters thank you for your post I going to have a look at the western Suburbs it sounds lovely my parter soon to be husband can drive and wouldn't mind travelling about 15 to 30 minutes to work I would refer to be near the centre and close to restaurants and shops . Because I don't know whether to be a full time mum or to start work again only part time I don't have a problem with references it's just getting a working visa . I don't know what qualification you have to have to be a nursery assistant day care worker over there I only have my SVQ in children's learning and development and am looking to study to become fully qualified . I will have a look at play groups thank you also need to see how my little boy will find Australia as well but looking for work is something I would like to do . Hopefully will help me meet new people. That would be fantastic if you could ask for me that would be great . If I go back to work part time as agency staff I will need to find childcare for my son .

    kind regards
    Julie x
  9. Kforsythklf

    Kforsythklf New Member

    Thank you so much for your reassurance on the schools front, it's such an important decision and like any parent, we want to get it right. We will be living in Hawthorne temporarily, so after much deliberation, think we will stick with BSHS (for our son kai) and camp hill primary for our daughter (aged 7)... It really helps to know first hand that you have fond memories of BSHS :) you don't happen to know of a good dance school in the vacinity do u (for my daughter) We also need a karate school for kai? Any tips appreciated and many thanks again, Karen X
  10. Kforsythklf

    Kforsythklf New Member

    Hi julie,
    after A little more research we have decided on Camp hill primary school, but it sounds like there are lots of great and reputable schools in the Area, which is reassuring for us :) and yes it would be lovely to stay in touch and share a drink and experiences, when we get out there. If you drop me a quick e-mail,(Private Message me for my e-mail address) we can exchange details etc X weather sounds fab...we are snowed in at belper, Derbyshire at the minute :( do u hav the snow up there in Scotland? Talk soon, karen x
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