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Discussion in 'Socialising & Get Togethers' started by Jenny, Aug 29, 2011.

  1. Jenny

    Jenny Guest

    Hi there!
    My husband and I moved to Brisbane 2 weeks ago so we're very new at this and this is my first post!
    We're renting a villa at the Woodlands Estate in Waterford as my husband has a job in Edens Landing and we would love to meet up with anyone else in or around the area. We're are both thirty and like the usual things - going for dinner, cinema etc.
    I'm currently not working so if there are any ladies around during the day it'd be nice to meet up for coffee!

  2. kezza103

    kezza103 Guest

    Hi Jenny,

    This is my first attempt at using these sites too...
    we have been in Brisbane for 5 weeks and would love to meet new people.
    We have just moved into an apartment on Kangaroo Point and my partner works in the CBD.
    I am still looking for work so am free during the days...

    if you are interested in catching up for a coffee sometime let me know...

  3. Jenny

    Jenny Guest

    Hi Kerri
    I think I've just replied to another one of your threads too and glad I'm not the only new one at this.
    I think you can send private messages on here so I'll try and work out how to do that and we can arrange a coffee soon!

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