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Discussion in 'Visas / Migration' started by teamv, Feb 25, 2012.

  1. teamv

    teamv New Member

    Hi we are on a few of the poms sites ,but I've now had the chance of a job close to Nerang ,we have done lots of research on other parts of Australia, but don't now much about Queensland and need to make a decision soon .I'm a diesel / truck mechanic.Any info would be great,

    Thanks Kev.

  2. srp

    srp No longer active member

    Hi Kev,

    Welcome to LIQ, I hope we will be able to answer your questions. I do not know Nerang very well so I will leave others to tell you about the area, I do know its not far from the Gold Coast and the beaches and facilities that has to offer.

    Queensland itself is a state that has weather varying from Sub tropical in the south to tropical with rain forests in the north. You can fit the UK into Queensland 6 times and still have room left over. Down the southern part we enjoy warmer winter days with temperatures regularly touching 20c during the day and can drop to a chilly 5c at night. Summer is also the rainy season and we can get some terrific storms ( But so can most of Australia). You have not seen a thunderstorm until you have watched a QLD storm at night. Depending where you live you can get the humidity but I have found this is not as bad as people make out and it is not constant, I would always recommend air conditioning for where ever you live, we have it but only use it on really bad days and it is not on all the time.

    People say they will not adjust to the heat, but I arrived in June and it was 20c and I thought it was lovely, Australians walking round in coats because its the winter and me in shorts and T shirts. After my first summer I thought its not to bad here, when winter came I knew I had acclimatised to the weather when I started complaining that it was cold once the temperature dropped to 20c.

    I have found the people of QLD to be very friendly and wiling to socialise. They do not go out of their way to form friendships but if you meet them half way I have found them to be very genuine people.
  3. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Hubby is a diesel mechanic in Ashmore (next suburb to Nerang). Not sure id want to live there but plenty of work down that way if you can walk the walk. Theres loads of nice suburbs around so it will depend what you and your family are looking for. Yell if i can help more, who is the company who has offered you work?

    Cal x
  4. teamv

    teamv New Member

    Hi Cal ,Ive been walking for about 44 years and a diesel fitter for nearly 30 of them, so I should be Ok,I've not taking any jobs as yet so don't want to say till I do,but its on euro trucks.

    We have been all set to move to Adelaide and may still do that ,but have had a bit of a wooble about a few things and feel we may be more suited to QLD ,so trying to get a feel for the place ,so any info is a help.

    Thanks Kevin.
    Last edited: Feb 27, 2012
  5. teamv

    teamv New Member

    Hi Cal ,Ive been looking on and Ashmore looks to have some nice rentals,do you live in that area ,I've got another interveiw next week so things could become very real ,very fast.

    This is a bit or a personal question and you can pm me if you like, but what sort of money should I be looking at ,I have an idea but any advice would be a help ,well really its not the amount of money that matters, it more how well would will we live on my wage and how does your hubby find working over there ,compared to the Uk.

    I could probably ask you million question's given the chance.

    Its hard looking at houses close to were you want to work, then if you change jobs you end up traveling miles anyway.

    Last edited: Mar 3, 2012
  6. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    LOL, choosing an area is probably one of the hardest things you will have to do. On the flip side most people rent for 6 months or more so in this time you have a good idea if you like the job ,area etc.. We are about 50 mins away via the hinterland as i personally prefer the green to the gold, although i think Gary sometimes would like to be closer to work (and the beach) ,we are settled out this way now and at least he gets a nice drive through the rainforest in a morning and isnt stuck in traffic on a highway,lol.. If i was to give in and move to the coast it would be somewhere like Advancetown, Mudgeeraba,Gaven,Canungra, Mt Warren etc,, still pretty close but far enough away from the hustle bustle and idiots,lol.
    He is out moto-xing today but i will drop you a PM later re- wages etc when he is home and ive had a chat with him.He knows more than me about what the garages down there pay etc..

    Cal x
  7. TomAl

    TomAl Guest

    Wouldn't recommend Nerang, have heard nothing good about it so far.
  8. teamv

    teamv New Member

    It looks like I've been offered the job ,subject to a couple of things ,which is fine and they have given me the choice of Nerang ,Walco and Pinkenba,so even more choice's,although I think we would still chose to work in Nerang, although its very hard to choose while still in the Uk.

    Some of the area's we have been advised to look are Arundel,Helensvale and Oxenford,also Biggera Waters & Runaway Bay .

    A bit more southern are Benowa and Broadbeach Waters

    Any thoughts Kev.
  9. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    I know quite a few familys who have happily settled in Helensvale or Oxenford. They both give great highway access and have most ammenities on hand. Id also look at Pimpama as thats another nice area not to far away.

    Cal x

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