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Discussion in 'Renting & Real Estate' started by roger007, Jun 14, 2012.

  1. roger007

    roger007 Guest

    A Brit living here for over 5 yrs, I work for LJHooker Real Estate, and I can and would love to make your move here as easy as possible, renting or buying drop me a note and i will be in touch, come and join us on the sunshine coast,the best coast in the world. I have been through the whole process myself and have dealt with to problems that arise with the Gov and tax concessions and would be more than happy to help and advise you on how to make the move here as smooth as possible.
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  2. Kristine

    Kristine Guest

    There are lots of property that are available in the bank that are tax liens and tax deeds that you can get in the auction.
  3. Flanders

    Flanders Guest

    Hi there - we are looking for a rental property near Brisbane CBD. Will be arriving in Brisbane second week in October. Any ideas/advice would be most welcome.

    Thank you
  4. roger007

    roger007 Guest

    I hope you have a great time on your build up to the move, and a safe trip, i will be glad to help you, however i require a little more info as Brisbane is a large place,

    Area to live in
    How long a lease
    Price range in dollars per week
    area needs Ie transport, shopping, uni, schools ect
    size of rental 2,3 or 4 beds ect

    This should get me started and help me point you in the right direction.
  5. Flanders

    Flanders Guest

    Hi there

    We are looking for a 2/3 bedroomed property. There is only my husband and I with our 2 small dogs. I will be working in the CBD so would hope to have somewhere not more thank 8kms out. We have been looking around Coorparoo/Wavell Heights but to be honest anywhere where access to the City is good by public transport and would like if possible to be near some shopping/cafes/restaurants. We are looking up to $500 per week and a lease from 6 to 12 months.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    Thank you
  6. roger007

    roger007 Guest

    Okay,that's enough for me to be going on with for now, just to let you know that you will need references and 6 weeks rent in advance, 4 for the bond and first two weeks rent, thanks
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  7. Cazza THFC

    Cazza THFC New Member

    Hello there Roger,

    My husband Jim and 2 year old son Max are moving to Buderim at the January 2013. We will be staying with family first on our arrival but would love to find a 3/4 bed property for renting. Jim is an Electrician and I am an Executive PA. Ideally we would like somewhere as close to the town as possible. I would welcome any feedback you have especially as to what references you need etc. Looking to spend around $500 per week and perhaps with at 6-12 mth lease. Also as we will be seeking a car the nearer to town the better (not sure we will get a car straight away) as we also need to source a day care centre for Maxy. I am looking at Milford Lodge so no doubt a lot of walking will be done!

    Thank you in advance!

  8. roger007

    roger007 Guest

    Hi Cazza,
    That's not too far away and I bet your all getting exited,
    I live in Buderim and its a great area, close to everything, I will inform our property managers of what you want and when but its a little early at the moment. you will require a proof of income,(job or savings) rental references or personnel references (not family) proof of id lots off, Take everything everywhere for the first few weeks, Have you got work lined up when you get here are are you turning up and looking ??, Electricians need to do a conversion course at the tafe (college) and obtain a blue card for work for instance.
    day care can be expensive here, so shop about.
    got to rush off now n do some work, hope to hear from you soon.

  9. Cazza THFC

    Cazza THFC New Member

    Hi Roger,

    Thanks v much for the feedback. We will get on the case now with the relevant references. On the work front Jim is currently working towards getting his license. He actually completed a course here in the uk with a company called Tradies Downunder to obtain his license so he is working towards that at the moment. Yes once I get Max settled I will certainly be looking for work. It would be great if I found something on the Sunshine Coast but something tells me in my line of work it will be the CBD I will have to be heading for. That too may also influence where we live. But for the moment Buderim is where we want to start (and stay with a bit of luck).

    So do you think I should touch base with estate agents when we arrive?

    Thx again!
  10. roger007

    roger007 Guest

    I am an estate agent so just keep talking to me and we will get you sorted, I work for LJHooker, Mooloolaba if you want to look me up go to our web site n check us out, there are a lot of big firms around this area but the cbd looks likely for your work, but its a 1 hour drive one way. or the train up to you, but living in this area makes it all worth it.
  11. fish.01

    fish.01 Member

    Some suggestions:

    Kelvin Grove: grove-403679819
    Red Hill/Ashgrove/Paddington
    Highgate Hill/Hill End (part of West End)
    New Farm/Teneriffe/Newstead
    Gordon Park
    The Grange/Wilston/Windsor/Newmarket

    Wasn't sure if you wanted to be a short drive or a walk to local cafes? Any other criteria?
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  12. Flanders

    Flanders Guest

    Thank you

    Thank you very much for the suggestions these are really helpful and have given us a better idea of where to look.

  13. Flanders

    Flanders Guest

    Hey there - just thought to keep you in the loop and let you know we will be arriving on Sunday 14th October to Brisbane and will be hoping to secure accommodation asap.

    Thanks again
  14. Cazza THFC

    Cazza THFC New Member

    Hi roger

    Just following up on my previous post as we leave the UK end of Jan and would appreciate what rental properties are out there in buderim. Shall I inbox u with my preferences.
  15. postman pat

    postman pat Guest

    Hi Roger,
    Im guessing by the other posts that it is ok to secure a rental from interstate etc no problem! I am currently in Adelaide and looking at Cleveland, Capalaba areas in the next couple of months. Would i deal with you or another branch of LJ Hooker?


  16. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Its actually difficult and very risky to try and secure a longer term rental from the UK. You really need to do an inspection not only to check the condition of the house (pictures are sometimes decieving) but also to make sure its in a location you like, one persons version of nice isnt always anothers,lol and trust me ive seen some dodgy rental houses in the 6 years ive been here.

    When looking for a rental its best to contact all the agents you can find who cover that area, approach them in person,explain your situation and see what they have available or coming available that may suit you. Book as many viewings as you can, have your paperwork ready to submit applications and all should work out ok for you.

    Hope this helps
    Cal x

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