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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by Sparky, Aug 23, 2006.

  1. Sparky

    Sparky Guest

    Hi All,

    Just got my visa through and now deciding in flights and when to go.

    Naturally, want to go today but need a few weeks to tie matters up.

    Really keen to get to Brisbane and get started. Going to be the biggest challenge i've had to face but sure it's going to be worth it.

  2. greatgal

    greatgal Guest

    hello sparky

    good for you leaving in 2 weeks to a better life.We are still umming and arring about applying,scared of doing it in case it dosent work out.Best of luck to you in what you do. gail :D
  3. Sparky

    Sparky Guest

    Thanks Gail,

    Whilst I am nervous and do have some doubts - especially as going on my lonesome - I reckon a better lifestyle is guaranteed.

    The application process is a bit painful - 4 months !! - but is al worth it when you get that approval e-mail.

    I would suggest you start he process as it does take some time and you do not have to depart immediately on approval. Depends on which type of visa but you certainly get 6 months.

    Good luck.
  4. hotpigeon3

    hotpigeon3 Guest

    Hey Sparky

    I am going on my own too - sort of makes it a but scarier doesnt it!!

    Where you heading for?
  5. Boomer

    Boomer Guest

    Hey Folks

    You will not regret it. My folks lived in Sydney for 3 years. Really enjoyed it. Came back to the UK for 6 years and have been in Brissie for 10 weeks. Compared to Sydney the people up here are so friendly....that may sound a bit naff but when you get here you will know what I mean.

  6. Sparky

    Sparky Guest


    Have been in Brisbane for 3 weeks now. Just beginning to settle. Is a very diificult process for sure but hope that it will justify itself soon.

    Currently at New Farm, central Brisbane and hopefully getting close to gainful employment after about 3 months out !!

    The weather is incredible and the people very friendly. Outdoor life is certainly the go.

    Had to go to doctor's for a petty matter and the service is incredible. Blood tests and ultrasound all done on the same day !!

    Where's you Hot Pigeon ??
  7. hotpigeon3

    hotpigeon3 Guest

    I am heading for St Lucia.

    I am so excited now, although started saying goodbye to work colleages and friends etc - it is very hard. But I am hoping my nre life out there will start as soon as i arrive, just gonna throw myself into it!!

    I am so envious of all of you already out there!!
  8. greatgal

    greatgal Guest

    hija sparky

    how r u?spoke to you earlier on in the year.WE HAVE MADE THE DECISION TO GIVE IT A GO ???TRA GONE!!!!Now we have to keep our fingers crossed! hope everything has worked out for you as you said you were a bit scared and apprehensive!E.mail me and let me know take care gail

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