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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by Durko, Feb 28, 2012.

  1. Durko

    Durko Guest

    Hello Everyone!

    Im Jim and ill be moving to buderim/mooloolaba early next year with my wife Caz and my boy Max (18 months). We are going on a PR 175 visa and cant wait! Lots to get sorted by then of course and all the emotions are up and down in our house! One minute it cant come soon enough, the next we wonder if we are crazy for doing it, but now we have the opportunity were not going to spend the rest of our lives wondering what if! Would be interested to hear from people who have done/ are doing the same and what theyre experiences are.

    Im an Electrician and would be looking at working in Brisbane, Caz is a PA but probably wouldnt work until we get Max settled. We are coming over at Easter to validate our visas and would love to meet any expats for a chat and a beer while we are there!


  2. lilipilli

    lilipilli Guest

    Hello Jim & caz, I am a north londoner born and bred, my husband is an Essex man from Colchester, we came here in 1999 and now live between Brisbane and Noosa, on the Sunshine Coast, would like to meet for a beer or two when you arrive, how long will you be staying for? lilipilli
  3. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Hi Jim
    Its a lovely area your thinking of moving to, but id try the commute to Brisbane before commiting as its a hell of a hike on the highway that more often that not resembles a car park,lol. If your heart is set on the Budrim area i would seriously try and find work closer to home.

    Cal x
  4. Durko

    Durko Guest

    Hi Lillipilli,

    Good to hear from you! What part of North London are you from? we are from sunny Harringay! It would be great to meet up and pick your brains, we are landing in Buderim on the 10th of April for a couple of weeks for a reccie and will be staying at my cousins who has kindly lent us a car so we could hook up anywhere, You've been there a while, me and the missus met in Sydney in 99' and we've only just plucked up the courage to take the plunge!
  5. Durko

    Durko Guest

    Hi Cal,

    Yeah i have heard that the commute can be a slog, but then my cousin does it from Buderim and says its ok, I think Ill give it a dry run when im there just to see how it is, luckily we'll be staying with my cousin when we first arrive so we wont have to rush in to renting, maybe we would have to look at staying closer to Brisbane because the work situation looks quieter on the sunshine coast. Having said that there looks like a big job coming up in the area with a new hospital being built, that would be a dream for me to get a start on that, something ill have a look mat when im over in April, How long have you been over there?
  6. Anouska

    Anouska New Member

    Hi Jim and Caz,

    We are a family of four going to the same area to validate our visas march/April !!

    We have older children 13 and 11, my husband is an electrician like you and has been looking at the work in the area V commuting ??

    Hope all goes well for you on your trip and that the rain stops!!!!

    Good luck

    Anouska :)
  7. Durko

    Durko Guest

    Hi Anouska,

    Good luck to you too, we might need a boat by the time we get out there! Has your other half looked into licensing? It looks like it wont be plain sailing getting one but i wasnt expecting to just carry on where i left off in the uk. We'll have to look at childcare as well, so much to sort out but its exciting too!
  8. lilipilli

    lilipilli Guest

    Hi Jim & Caz,

    I was born in Highbury right near the Arsenal ground, then moved to St Annes Road, Tottenham, my son is a Spurs fan! Also lived in Wood Green near to Alexandra Palace. We will certainly meet up when you get here, week ends are best for us as we are both working during the week, you can pick our brains over a cold beer, it really does help if you can get decent honest info and as you have a cousin here that is a big plus. We migrated because we won a holiday to Sydney and Steve could not wait to come here to live, we were in Adelaide for 11 years but that is another story!

    By the time you get here the wet weather should be over and it will nice and sunny, today it is 30 dgrees blue sky and just lovely, lookinh forward to catching up, all the best Lilipilli
  9. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    We have been here just over 5 years now and have no plans to return anytime soon,lol..
    The Sunny coast is known for being quieter on the work front but its proably because there is less industry up there compared to Brissy or the Gold Coast. You only need one lucky break up that way though and your laughing...

    Cal x
  10. Durko

    Durko Guest

    What a small world! I used to go to school at St Marys just off St Annes rd, and secondary school in Wood Green, I used to drink in the Jolly Anglers on station rd too, Im an Arsenal fan and Caz is Spurs, ive got the bragging rights at the moment! We'll definetely have to meet up, ill get in touch closer to the time, not sure how to pm you though?
  11. lilipilli

    lilipilli Guest

    Hi Jim & Caz, let us know when you arrive in Buderim and when you are over the jet lag we can arrange to meet up, have you heard of the Ginger factory at Yandina, which I think is quite near to Buderim, it is a really nice place and great for a Sunday afternoon beer, that would be a good place to meet, see you there all the best Lilipilli
  12. crystal64

    crystal64 New Member

    Sorry Iam a south Londoner well greater London, husband was born is Colchester though. We arrive in June to Mooloolaba & going to look around area where we want to live & strangely husband is a Electrician too. Sunshine coast seems to be becoming Eleccy central. Tip & trips into this field would be good? Meet up for him would be brilliant too?

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