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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by Cazza THFC, Sep 11, 2012.

  1. Cazza THFC

    Cazza THFC New Member

    Hi All,

    My name is Cazza and myself, hubbie Jim and 2 year old son Max are moving to Buderim in January and are from North London. This is my first time on a site like this so forgive me in advance! As most of you can appreciate this is a big move in itself and I would really welcome some of your thoughts and advice! I am currently an Executive PA and Jim is an Electrician.

    I just wanted to get a feeler as to how you found the first year and what the reality is of finding work. James is currently working away to get his license as we understand you need to have this as far as obtaining work as an electrician. We will be staying with relatives in Buderim first off to find our feet and we really love this area but if the real chance of work is in the CBD would the commute be too much for us both? Ideally I do not want to work straight away as I want to ensure Max is settled and happy as in an ideal world I would love to work part time and find day care for just 2 days a week so he at least is interacting with other kids his age and has the benefit of me being with him too. This is what I currently do at the moment and works perfectly. Again would appreciate any feedback on that too if possible!

    We are renting our house out and have just confirmed the moving date with the removal company so it is all go. We are so looking forward to this move but are just slightly anxious with regard to finding work.

    Thanks in advance for any pointers!!
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  2. Bron

    Bron Guest

    I have no information for you but I'm interested in reading any useful information you do get.

    I've been living in Melbourne for two years (prior to that I was in the UK for many years with a two year stop over in Asia, but I am a Kiwi by birth), and it is time for me to make a move to somewhere that I think will suit me better... I'm looking for the lifestyle, but need to be able to earn money also.

    After researching many areas, I think (I could still change my mind) I'm likely to move to Buderim in late January. I'll be moving alone so will face high rental prices on my own, but I believe that if I absolutely must, I can at least commute to Brisbane (hour and half to the CBD). I'd prefer to find something in the Sunshine Coast area so we will see what happens. I can support myself without work for six months or so ... scary though. I think this is the scariest move I'll have made in my life (and I've made many).

    Good luck and i hope you get some helpful replies.
  3. clipclop

    clipclop Guest

    Hi Cazza.

    I remember that feeling well -moving, It's a big deal at the time but so worth it.

    The Sunshine Coast is ideal for part time work, they seem to really encourage it, especially around school hours. I figure with a good cv you should be fine. I found a job myself in 3 weeks , maybe I was lucky I don't know.

    Regarding your husband, well , they are building a new hospital called the Sunshine Coast University Hospital and I'd say he should find it easier to find work than most to get work. Check out and the hospital itself. I think it will generate a lot of employment.

    Buderim is a well desired area to live in, but there is plenty of other spots also. You will be blown away by the likes of Mooloolaba and Noosa. There is plenty to do, loads of good restaurants nice cafes etc. I live in an area called Peregian, its really nice. Seems to be a hit with young families and the expat community. A little bit quiet at night but stunning during the day.

    good luck with the journey and you are through one of the trickier parts of it.
  4. singgo

    singgo Guest

    hello We are from Suffock and Spurs fans :D we are also moving to North brisbane / sunshine coast around April 2013 im a wall and floor tiler / Lvl 2 kitesurf instructor, my wife is going to study Accountance when we get where ever where going... and 2 lil ones sophie 7 (diabetes type 1)and Jai 2, we cant make our minds up where to settel Sophie is our main Priority as she has diabetes type 1 Schools / hospitals , work for me next.
    Noosa / sunshine coast would be great :) but employment is pushing me to Clontarf / Brighton areas as its Fairly easy commute to most places and 3 or 4 kitesurf school close, so it would be intresting to see how you husband gets on with finding work as ive been offered part time work in noosa kitesurfing but i dont think it will put food on the table.

    so any input or idears would be great

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