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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by nicolaj, Jan 18, 2012.

  1. nicolaj

    nicolaj Guest

    Hello, we are hoping to re-locate from NZ to the Brisbane area very shortly, we are currently waiting on a 457 visa (fingers crossed). We are looking to live near a train line as we only want to have one car. I will be using the train to commute to the CBD 5 days a week.
    We have 2 children, girl (15) and boy(10) so we need somewhere with both a good high school and a good primary or possibly an integrated private boys school.
    We want to live as near to the coast as possible, somewhere with a community feel, family friendly, good access to the gold coast at the week-ends, without sky-high rental/property prices.

    We are thinking of the Cleveland train line, from Manly onwards, does anyone know of any nice family areas that would fit the bill?

    Also, we are thinking about renting in one of those 'gated communities, as the rental prices seem reasonable and you have the use of a shared pool, does anyone have any experience of living in this type of a community?

    Any help would be gratefully received, thankyou :smile:

  2. Rudi

    Rudi Relocation Brisbane


    Anywhere on the train line from Cleveland is a possible location. Some parts of Wynnum are said to be less desirable though. Lots of people commute in from Cleveland to the city - bit of a slow train ride, but at least getting on early you will get a seat!

    Private Boys school - look at Moreton Bay Boys College. For co-ed, also look at Ormiston College and Redlands College. I think Iona might also be boys only. I don't know much about Canon Hill Anglican, but it's also supposed to be a good school.


  3. nicolaj

    nicolaj Guest

    Thankyou Rudi,

    That is food for thought - very helpful,


    Nicolaj & family

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