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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by iLeanypie, May 17, 2012.

  1. iLeanypie

    iLeanypie Guest

    Hey, I'm kind of new to this website... I looked at a lot of posts on this website and it seems to be a great community...

    First of all, I'm moving up to Queensland from Tasmania, my parents and the rest of my family are moving up start of January and I'm staying here while I finish my bar course. The reason I'm leaving is because of the Gay community in Tasmania, everyone just wants in your pants and thats all... I'm gay and I'm hoping that when I move to Queensland that I'm not moving into the same dilema that I have here... I want a relationship not a one-night stand...

    Also I really want to make some friends in Queensland because I don't currently have many... I will be moving into a place in Brisbane because it offers the best employment opportunities for my interests. I'm 19 and would love to know what other people think of the situation and if you have any idea could you please make a reply. It would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks, Dylan~

  2. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Hi Dylan
    Welcome to LIQ,, i cant really help with your question as im not gay and a tad to old for the party /dating scene,lol,, but Brisbane seems a friendly place so im sure you would be fine.
    Younger people seem quite into sport here and there are trillions of clubs around and about so to meet people joining something like that would probably help.
    Good Luck with the move

    Cal x
  3. kerrywinder

    kerrywinder New Member

    Hi Dylan.

    We have just moved from UK to Brisbane and we were very please how friendly and welcoming every is, I am a married woman with grown up kids I am sure you will be very happy here as everyone is great, the West End just outside Brisbane is buzzing and very interesting.

    Good luck
    Kerry xx

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