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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by GracieWynne, Apr 4, 2012.

  1. GracieWynne

    GracieWynne Guest

    Hi Everyone. New to the site so thought I would introduce myself. Myself and boyfriend have finally decided that Oz is for us and are researching everything we need need to make the move - Basically starting our lives over which is very daunting. Not only this but we are planning to move December 2013 shortly following by both sets of parents, my younger brother and grandmother.

    We are pretty set on the Sunshine Coast but would look to have children in the next few years and would like to settle down in an area with this in mind! We would really appreciate any advice or tips you have gained from your move, but a few questions...

    -Any companies you would recommend as agents to help with the move?
    -I will be a recent Business Management graduate specialising in property and my boyfriend is a Sports coach and youth worker so any advice on finding jobs/ getting sponsored would be great!
    -A little concerned about my boyfriends father and grandmother moving over as they are over the dreaded 50 years!! - Any online advisory visa applications don't seem to want to know as soon as you pop that in!!

    Really appreciate any advice you have as I feel like im finding a needle in a haystack right now! - Can't wait to join you all out there!!

    Grace xo

  2. srp

    srp No longer active member


    Welcome to LIQ,

    i used Visa Bureau and could not fault them, There is also "Go Matilda" who come highly recommended.

    You have some very ambitious plans and I think you need to run all this past a migration agent to see if everyone will qualify and what is the best route for them all to take.

    Good luck with the visa nightmare... Sorry I mean good luck with the visa journey :smile:

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