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Discussion in 'Visas / Migration' started by DeniseH, Nov 23, 2012.

  1. DeniseH

    DeniseH Guest

    We are moving from Scotland to Manly West in April can someone tell me which primary school for my daughters (10yr old and 6yr old) ,my husband going in Feb so he can go and check them out. Cheers

  2. morag

    morag Guest

    Hi, we have just moved from Carnoustie 5 weeks ago and have set up in Cleveland which is about 15-20 mins drive from Manly West. Let me know if its state or private schools you are looking for and i will try and find out what is in that area. Anything else i can do to help, just ask. I know how hard it is when you are trying to do everything from a long way away. Where abouts in Scotland do you live?
  3. DeniseH

    DeniseH Guest

    we are in Aberdeen, just looking at state school, husband going over early feb and me and the two girls will follow in APril. Thanks.
  4. morag

    morag Guest


    For state school you seem to need to be in the catchment area to be guaranteed a place. In Manly West, as far as i can see, there are 2 state primaries - Manly West Primary and Wondall Heights Primary. If you are living on perimeter of Manly West and fall under a different catchment area there are Wynnum West Primary, Lota Primary and Manly Primary. The state secondary school for that area appears to be Wynnum High. It doesnt always happen that kids go into the same year as they were in the UK. My 14yr old has actually skipped a full year. Year 7 is in the midst of being included in secondary school instead of primary. In Cleveland they have the option, but not sure of other places.

    If you email the schools, I found they were very helpful. My husband came over in July for work and i came out in September for a week to organise schools, etc. However, none of the schools that i looked at would enrol them or guarantee them a place until the kids were in the country and able to attend an interview (state and private). There are school holidays in April and the school restarts on Monday 15th. We were very dubious about state school as a lot of people advised us that they werent that good. We gave our girls the choice of school and they both preferred the local state school to any of the private schools and i can honestly say that they have been made very welcome and have both settled in quickly and love their new school.

    Hope this information helps. If you need anything else, please just ask

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