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Discussion in 'Visas / Migration' started by scarletteve, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. scarletteve

    scarletteve Guest

    Hi everyone,
    we are moving to Mackay in the next month or so, just waiting for our 457 to be confirmed and blumin AHPRA!!! before we book flights!
    we are a young family, me 31, hubby 33 and 3 daughters aged 13, 9 and 15 months.
    we are looking at living in the northern area Eimeo, blacks beach etc.
    would love to hear from other people who are also moving out or already living there.
    Thanks Rachel

  2. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Hi Rachel
    I live quite a way south from Mackay,lol, but wanted to wish you lots of luck with everything ,i have heard lots of nice things about Mackay ,so i hope you enjoy what awaits you..

    Cal x
  3. Kiera

    Kiera Guest

    Hi Rachel,
    How are the moving plans going? We are also a family of five. I am 29, Hubby 31, two sons 11 and 6, and my beautiful daughter is 3. We live in Whyalla, South Australia. My Hubby is a Locomotive Driver would love to get a job in Mackay, we look at the job vacancies everyday but there is only seasonal work advertised at the monment. I can't help you with any of your questions, but I would love to hear about your moving experience and would appreciate any tips. We don't know what area to live in either. My boys are a little unsure about starting new schools, I hope your girls settle in well. Goodluck with everything.
    Kiera :)
  4. rob&kate

    rob&kate Guest

    Hi, just joined the fourm and seen your post. my partner got his job offer through today we will be living in Mackay (me 32, OH 33, daughter 4 & son 2).
    Rob would be working in the mines. We would be very intrested in how your move went and how you are getting on....
    Thanks Kate
  5. missmaisey

    missmaisey Guest

    hi everybody new to this site..... i am moving to mackay aswell, i have been told south mackay, west mackay, mt pheasant, glenella, north view, beaconsfield, and andergrove are good to stay, anybody live in either places? are shops cheap enough to buy everything again leaving all my stuff behind????????????? any advice would be great..

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