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Discussion in 'Central QLD' started by peter coyle, Sep 27, 2012.

  1. peter coyle

    peter coyle Guest

    My family, wife Kay kids Conor 10 Ellie 5 are due in Mackay soon.We will be on a 457 Visa,
    can anyone advise on Health insurance.? What will it cost on average a month for the family.?
    We will be renting it looks expensive average costs cica 500-600 a week for 4 beds is this right.?
    Any other advice on Mackay would be appreciated.!


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  2. madasfishys

    madasfishys Guest

    We use BUPA for a family of 5 and that will cost you $109 a fortnight (Hospital and Extras Cover), there are many sites that offer quotes but always expect to pay slightly more a you are on the 457 visa.
    Hope this helps.

  3. madasfishys

    madasfishys Guest

    housing, yes about $550 will get you a decent newly built 4 bedroom.
  4. peter coyle

    peter coyle Guest

    Thanks Sean appreciate your reply, Visa is due any time now hope to be in Mackay by end of Jan.


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