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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by scotty dave, Oct 2, 2012.

  1. scotty dave

    scotty dave Guest

    G`day all,:jiggy:We`ve just had the news that I am accepted for a job in Gladstone as a boilermaker welder, and will be going over in 3 to 6 weeks.....eeek:wacko: We are trying to find a good shipping company, temporary accomodation, reasonably priced used car (or cheap car hire initially) cheap flights, best health insurance company, and good financial advice, and a million and one other things that I will remember after I finish this posting.
    All tips and personal experiences gratefully received, thanks

  2. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Book your accommodation NOW,, im going up there in a couple of weeks for a while and even a month ago we struggled securing accommodation that wasnt hideously priced. We have ended up booking at Parkview Motel as the guy was really helpful and his prices not overaly bad.

    Shipping wise we used Crown Relo to get our stuff to QLD and they were great, everything arriving in tact and on time.
    Flights- shop around ,the offers every now and again for Brisbane > Galdstone are very good value. For uk to Aus flights we used Singapore air and again were very satisfied with their service

    Hope this helps a little
    Cal x
  3. scotty dave

    scotty dave Guest

    Thanks very much for that Cal, trouble is we dont actually have a set date, and to totally throw a spanner in the works, I have been offered work south of Perth, by the same company, but it`s really expensive there isn`t it??
    I have arranged a quote for removals from Crown Relo for Gladstone, and have been researching the area, just don`t know what to do.......can anyone help please
  4. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    I have heard Perth is more expensive but have never been so i have no personal experience to compare the two. I do have friends there and they are very happy, have been there 5 years ish etc etc..

    I do hope you sort something as migrating is stressful enough without an added dilema!! lol.. Would there be a chance of you trying Perth IF Gladstone wasnt for you ? or vice versa,, moving state will be nothing compared to moving countrys,lol

    Cal x
  5. scotty dave

    scotty dave Guest

    Thanks again. Finally made the decision...Gladstone it is....decider was that we heard that a beer in south Perth was over 10 dollars!! a cold beer when you get home after a hard days welding is one of lifes essentials.
    Just the accomodation issue now, doing a lot of research into the surrounding areas of Gladstone and have considered buying online. If only we knew the date that we are flying out.
    Apart from probably being homeless we are soooo excited and can`t wait to start our new life, whatever happens.
  6. zidden

    zidden Guest

    Rent in Gladstone is expensive, many decent houses approach $1000 per week. The trouble is that many of the contracting companies are reserving these houses to accommodate FIFO workers for the projects. Although not as expensive as Perth, it is not far away from it.

    I was over in August and a round of 4 drinks in the Grand Hotel (2 stubbies, 1 small house red and a rum and coke) cost $28.

    Will your employer not put up somewhere for at least an initial period?

    As stated in previous posts I would arrange your accommodation now.
  7. Kacymru

    Kacymru New Member

    I moved to Gladstone in June with my partner (I'm from Wales originally, he's from Adelaide and we both lived in Adelaide before moving to Gladstone).
    Rents can be expensive BUT they are coming down a little bit recently, since Bechtel opened up their camp on the Island...we currently pay $580 per week for a 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom house.
    Our employers put us up in a camp in Calliope whilst we found a house to rent - we went to about 6 viewings until we found this one - there were NINE families at the viewing so we thought we had no chance of getting it...we found out later that only one other family applied for it!!
    Also we were watching the housing market for a while before we moved up here and kept seeing the same houses come up - so my advice to you is, yes, look for a house and try to get somewhere quite quickly, however, don't panic if loads of other people look at it and don't feel rushed.

    Good luck!!
    Let us know if you need any more help :)

  8. scotty dave

    scotty dave Guest

    Thanks Karen. We`re in contact with an agent who is going to send out some details on temp accomodation, we didn`t realise that you can sign a disclaimer saying that you haven`t actually viewed, so that was a big relief for us, it means we can have something waiting for us on arrival.Thanks to everyone for their valuable advice, its one less worry ticked off our list:yes:

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