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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by johnandjosh, Oct 20, 2012.

  1. johnandjosh

    johnandjosh Guest

    We are a family of 4 moving to Cairns, Qld by early next year. I wonder if anyone here lives in Cairns. Which is the best suburbs to live in Cairns in terms of cost of accommodation (rent and buy), primary/secondary school, shopping centres, hospital, etc.

  2. JamieVixMole

    JamieVixMole Guest

  3. Cerberus1

    Cerberus1 Administrator Staff Member

    Ho johnandjosh, welcome to the forum. I live in Cairns. Suburb wise, depends what you've looking for. If you're looking for a beach lifestyle, many expats head off to the Northern Beaches, so Trinity Beach, Kewarra Beach, Clifton Beach Palm Cove etc.
    Personally, we're not beach people, so we're in Redlynch Valley as the rainforest in more our thing.
    Hospital wise, there's two - 1 public, 1 private. Cairns Base hospital (which is located on the Esplanade) or if you're going private - Cairns Private Hospital.
    Shopping centre wise, 3 large ones. - Cairns Central in the city, Stockland Cairns in Earlville, DFO then others such as Smithfield (close to Northern Beaches). Then there's quite a few others which are smaller - usually have a major supermarket and a number of smaller stores.
    Accommodation wise, have a look at for rent & buying. Housing market (for sales) has been flat for quite a period of time now. School wise, quite a big choice, many state schools, faith denomination schools etc. Our 3 boys all go to the same Catholic school which goes from prep to year 12. Couldn't be happier with the school.
  4. johnandjosh

    johnandjosh Guest

    Thanks, Cerberus1. Same here, we're not beach people although we enjoy going to the beach once in a while. As I am looking at a long term employment, I would probably look for a permanent home for my family. Somebody told me that Freshwater is an ideal place for a family but I bet the cost of buying a house would be high. I hope you can also give me an insight for Family Day Care as my wife is currently working as Carer. I wonder if she can work as a Carer in Cairns as well. Anyway, thanks for your time.
  5. Cerberus1

    Cerberus1 Administrator Staff Member

    Freshwater is nice, just down the valley from where we are, youngest son goes to Scouts in Freshwater. Don't know what your budget will be for a house, but like I said, the property market has been flat for last couple of years, so prices aren't inflated. I've seen some big reduction sin prices over last few months as people are struggling to sell. We used a buyer's advocate - Sharon @ (Doesn't cost you anything) Took us round loads of suburbs, showing us loads of properties, would recommend her services. Can't really advise on the job front as I don't know the licensing / registration requirements etc are. Maybe have a look @ &
  6. damon79

    damon79 Guest

    Living in Cairns and Moving to Cairns

    ​Congratulation on the big move, you are not going to regret it.
    Generally the best suburbs I have found are the Northern Beaches, the only issue is the traffic in peak hour which is atrocious for such a small town.
    There's a great site that talks about Cairns and living in Cairns, check out
    It's got loads of information, really different. Talks about issues that other sites don't.
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