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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by beckyandben, Nov 22, 2012.

  1. beckyandben

    beckyandben Guest

    Hi everyone,

    Im a nurse that is moving to Bundaberg on december 10th with my partner and our 2 year old son. we've been planning the move for ages but suddlenly i seem to be getting really nervous about everything and worrying about things that never bothered me before.:arghh: I'm hoping this is normal with such a big move and hoping that the excitement returns before I turn into a nervous wreck. I'd be very happy to hear from anyone that lives in the area or can tell me anything about it at all! Im going to be working at the friendly society hospital as a surgical nurse. I'm starting to worry about spiders....everyone always said to me they couldnt move because of the spiders and my reply was always that something like spiders is a silly thing to stop you moving but the other night i looked into the different types of spiders and have now scared myself! also does anyone know if its ok to drink the tap water in Queensland or is it one of these places you need to drink bottled water? as you can tell im running on and getting myself worried about EVERYTHING! are there any parts of Bundy to avoid when it comes to looking for somewhere to rent? and where is the best places for food shopping?

    Thank you :eek:

  2. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    LOL, Yes its perfectly normal to wonder what the hell your doing!! lol, i think we have all had similar niggles as the move gets closer, i found it helpful to focus on the possitives of why we were moving.

    Tap water is fine to drink as is Tank water (lots of houses have both), i must say i prefer filtered tank water (rain water) as town water seems to have a 'taste' to it but i think it just depends what your used to.

    Spiders are around but we found if you give the house a regular pest spray in and out you wont get much hanging around.Its worked for us as i really dont like anything that has more legs than me,lol

    Cal x

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