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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by Lisa Nother, Dec 10, 2011.

  1. Lisa Nother

    Lisa Nother New Member

    Hi all, I am moving to Brisbane in January with my husband Mike. We've both been members of Poms in Adelaide as we thought that we were going to move there as Mike has family in the hills, but after a trip to Brisi in October we fell in love and changed our plans, it wasn't difficult as we had already fallen in love with QLD on a previous visit. We have flights booked for the 2nd January and after a few days relaxing in Noosa we will arrive in Brisi on the 9th. Initially we are staying in Paddington but will be looking for a longer term rental from February onwards. We are both very social and we would love to start making some contacts. I have been very active on facebook with a large group of ladies moving to Adelaide, and I would love to make some new girlfriends who are either living in or around the Brisbane area, or planning to make the move. That's not to say that I don't want male friends aswell :)

    I will now start trawling through the posts to see what new info I can find. For all those who have made the move you can imagine how we are feeling at the moment with great highs but also many lows as we dismantle our lives here :eek:. But onwards and upwards, we're pretty sure we know what we are getting ourselves into, and we know that its good to share experiences with others.

    I can't wait to start chating to some of you, and hopefully meeting some new friends in the New Year.


  2. fish.01

    fish.01 Member

    Hi Lisa, welcome !!! you have any ideas on the area you want your long term rental in? Paddington is nice :)
  3. Lisa Nother

    Lisa Nother New Member

    Hi Fish, our only experience so far is New Farm & Teneriffe which we loved but its a bit expensive, we've had a drive around the Hamilton area and I am not sure if we got to Paddington but we've heard its good. We've also had a look at Manly and Lota which we also liked. So the short answer is no, we don't know. I will be working in the CBD and I don't want more than a 30 minute commute. Where are you? Do you know much about Manly and Lota, we like the fact its by the coast and have seen some nice rentals there, but don't know much about the area.

  4. judyq

    judyq New Member

    Hi LISA, good to hear another one who has changed their minds about where to go!! Up until a month a go we were all set up to go to Perth and planning researching, networking etc! It has all felt so much better since we made our decision to go to Queensland! We did a reccie earlier this year to Qld and drove down to Sydney and the kids loved the Gold coast! They seem a happier too but obviously not 100% Change is hard!
    We are hoping to settle on the sunshine coast but will depend on work in the long run.
    Good luck with it all !
  5. Lisa Nother

    Lisa Nother New Member

    Hi Judy, good luck to you too. We love what we have seen of the Sunshine coast and would like to live along the coast in the future, but we too will be dictated to by work. Good luck to you too, when do you move?

  6. boomerang1

    boomerang1 Guest

    Hi Lisa, Good luck with all your organisation and with the move.
    I am just letting you know that if you are looking for a rental we are breaking our lease on our 3 Bed house in Ferny Hills, about 14km from the CBD. We are hoping to move by the end of Jan and the lease is finished Mid March. This may be of interest to you if you are unsure where you want to settle, the lease will obviously be open to extend once this period of time is over. If you think you may be interested just PM me and I can give you a lot more detail and pics too. Katherine

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