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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by Angie-N-Mark, Feb 1, 2013.

  1. Angie-N-Mark

    Angie-N-Mark Guest

    Hello everyone,

    Thought I would introduce myself, Angie, and my family, hubby Mark and 15 yr old son Oli who are flying out 'one way' this September to Brisbane. To say we are excited is an understatement but I am also terrified!!

    Just got to get over the hurdle of saying our goodbyes to family here in the UK but I guess that is just part of the emigration process. My mum has got used to the fact now and we have been practising Skype over the past few months so she understands how easy it is to keep in touch.

    We are busy researching schools, areas to live and job hunting at present so this is keeping us very occupied, what a minefield!!

    I look forward to 'talking' with some of you in the coming months and looking at the forums to date there is a lot of valuable information which obviously helps.

    Angie and Mark

  2. Gill & Dave

    Gill & Dave New Member

    Hi Angie and Mark, welcome to the site, we have been 'chatting' to people here for the past few months as our emigration journey progressed. We are now at the stage that we have just under a week left until we fly out (6th Feb) and we have sold our house and are living with my parents for this last week. It has been one long scary rollercoaster and the ride has not come to an end yet! We are going to stay in the Brisbane holiday village for 4 weeks when we arrive and will be looking around for a rental, but have no clue where to start. We have 3 kids, (20, 16 & 8) and we are very nervous now and apprehensive. I'm hoping to get online as soon as we arrive so these wonderful people on this site can give us some hints and tips about things we may ask.

    Good luck with your plans and stay in touch on this site so we can follow your progress! Best wishes Gill & Dave x
  3. Kforsythklf

    Kforsythklf New Member

    Hi Angie and mark, Gill and Dave, good luck with your journeys...we aim to be in Brisbane by December 2013, our house goes on the market next week, and I am just about to post the visa application off. We currently live in Derbyshire but have always dreamed of a move to Oz, my hubby and I have 2 children, 10 & 7....hubby works at Rolls Royce and I'm a residential social care both of your families, although we are really excited about a new life down under, we share the same anxieties as easy it is to find work, accommodation etc...we have researched senior schools however, and Brisbane State High School, comes highly recommended and appears to have great results...I've chosen Camp hill Junior school for my 7 year old Daughter. I've gained lots of advice and tips from this forum...have even found a great Karate and Dance school for the children's after school activities. Have a safe journey guys, best wishes, karen and lee .
  4. thehousehunters

    thehousehunters New Member

    How exciting Angie and Mark. Once you find your feet here in Brisbane you'll see its a great lifestyle and there is plenty to do. September is a nice time to make your transition too....Not too hot.

    Karen, your coming right in the smack of our Summer....make sure to make lots of time to visit our amazing beaches when you arrive!

    Gill & Dav, not long to go now only 5 days! So exciting! Your new adventure awaits. And best of all you just missed out on the Brisbane Floods! When you arrive, drive drive drive, Brisbane has some beautiful areas on offer.

    Our kids are younger (3 and 8 mths) we love taking them to Wynnum on a Saturday and then swim. check that area out, i'm sure you will see why we like it. Sandgate offers a similar lifestyle on the northside. I'm a city girl myself so we live in a nice family area named Holland Park, this offers a really nice Park area for kids and is close to all amenities for older children and also for working adults. As for the northside there are beautiful areas there as well which are close to all the action its a matter of finding what you like.
  5. Love Shoes

    Love Shoes Super Moderator

    Welcome to Angie & Mark,
    Good luck with your exciting journey, great to have you on board,
  6. gore4aus

    gore4aus Guest

    Hi Angie and Mark,

    We are also moving to brisbane from Wigan in september 2013, i am chris and my wife is sue.

    We have 3 kids Rebecca 16, Aaron 12 and callum 8.

    We have been planning this for so long but are so excited but apprehensive as we have never been to Australia before but are positive it is the right move.

    Looking to keep in touch with people in similar situation and maybe support one another. We still haven't decide on what suburb we want to live but are hoping locate somewhere central and then look round when we arrive.

    Hope you don't mind me contacting you and possible look forward to talking soon

  7. Ktee

    Ktee Administrator

    Hi to all the new members.
    Chris I'd never been to Australia before but don't regret my decision to move, I love it here
  8. Angie-N-Mark

    Angie-N-Mark Guest

    Hi again to everyone and hi to Chris and your family

    Nice to meet you and I know exactly how you feel, we are also very excited but very nervous too. We would love to keep in touch too, it helps especially as my son is the same age as your eldest, the schooling situation sounds a minefieldand I am currently researching like a mad woman!! Are you looking or applying for jobs before you leave the UK?

    We are flying out from Manchester on Sept 10th, when do you fly?

  9. Geraldine

    Geraldine Super Moderator Staff Member

    Hi everyone, myself and OH are 42 kids 22,18,12 & 9 we fly out to Brisbane on 4th March so we are now in real countdown mode, house stuff is sailing on the high seas, cars will be sailing over from 28th. There's lots of invites to see us before we go which is lovely and I've deliberately sorted stuff out so that we have the time to do this. The emotional energy however is another matter. Everyone asks are we excited and we are but we also feel bad for our friends and family who are sad to see us go. My mum hopes we hate it so we come back ! We hope we love it so we don't . We have only got accommodation sorted for a couple of weeks so the pressure is on when we arrive to find something. I go between panic and why worry mode on a frequent basis. I have a feeling once we are on the plane with a glass of frivolity juice in hand I will be very happy indeed. Ps we have return flights booked to see friends and family at Christmas this year so no one can moan too much at us including my mum :laugh:
  10. nessiejh

    nessiejh Guest

    Hi Angie and Mark

    My husband and I have decided that we wish to start a new life in Australia with our three children , aged 6, 5 and 3 and also looking at Brisbane, I was intrigued to know how like it has taken you to confirm everything to be in the the position to have your flights all booked for September 2013. Everything seems so complicated and there are varying times as to how long it takes for everything to be processed, also did you use a migration agent? Any tips and hints would be most gratefully received.
    I look forward to chatting with people in a similar situation and receiving any valuable information anyone can offer. You must be so excited to have a date to aim for??

    Vanessa and Dave
  11. nessiejh

    nessiejh Guest

    Hi Karen and Lee
    Hi good luck with the house sale, how long is it since you made the decision to move to Oz. My husband and I have decided that we want to move with our family as asap and wondered how long the process has taken you so far and what you have done to date if you are just about to post your visa application, have you used a migration agent? We currnetly live in Nottinghamshire, so not too far from yourselves and my husband is actually from Derby. We have the same anxieties as youselves but are really excited about starting a new life down under. Look forward to your response.
    Vanessa and Dave
  12. Nicnic

    Nicnic New Member

    Hi all I too am hoping to be in Brisbane early Sept nthis year if all goes according to plan. Thats me Nicola and my 16 yr old son Chris so I look forward to hearing your journeys and sharing support x
  13. lesleybruck

    lesleybruck Member

    Hi chris, we have never been to oz either and hope its the right decision. House on market, as soon as sold we will book flights and move, scary but like everyone else exciting aswell. We have three boys aged 12, 5 and 11 months.
    We are also undersided on what suburb there are so many and there seems to be lots of good ones for families we will narrow it down and have a good look around when we arrive hopefully soon lol
  14. lesleybruck

    lesleybruck Member

    Hi all how exciting not long to go now for you all. I understand about your mom mine are exactly the same my mom says just go and hurry up back, get it out of your system and come home. But like you we are really hopeing it will work out and we wont be returning home.
    House is on the market so fingers crossed we hope we will sell soon. We have three boys aged 12,5 and 11 months. Hopeing to then move as soon as house is sold, just a waiting game.
    Hope all goes well for your move.
  15. gore4aus

    gore4aus Guest

    Hi Angie

    We were all sort to go to Cairns, had picked the area of redlynch and schools in the same area so been researching like mad brisbane, jobs didn't seam as many due to the size of city of Cairns. Also the weather had a big impact on the decision as people we had talked with said about the humidity in Cairns and was concerned about working in extreme heat. Moving down to Brisbane gives me more options of work hopefully in brisbane, gold coast and sunshine coast. Been trying to apply for jobs through agents but I work in management in hospitality and you need a Queensland qualification that i have to complete on a 2 day course that can only be taken in Australia. Scary thought going without job but am really optimistic. Have you got jobs?

    We haven't booked flights yet but we have a house in turkey so we are going to stay there for 5 months as i have just been made redundant which was hard but given us much need funds, so our best flight at the moment are the 07th September from Istanbul, so in effect we start our new life from may. Yeah!!!

    We are a little confused as what year our daughter will going into as she is just completing her GCSE and will be 17 when go to australia. We aim to start the new year in January so hoping can sort when we arrive. We read everything about one school and feel confident then we read something that puts us off. We are also really conscious that were we end up living is going to have a big impact. Have you got any preferences yet?

    My daughter was keen to speak with other people her own age in a similar situation so not sure if your son would be interest?

    Being on here and talking to people in same situation is so reassuring and make me know we are making the right decision!!!

    Talk soon
  16. Kforsythklf

    Kforsythklf New Member

    Hi Everyone,
    We see from Angie and Marks original post (and all the threads that have followed) that there are quite a few of us families that are moving to Brisbane (and the Gold Coast areas) in 2013 (including our own) We (karen and Lee) are 39, with 2 children kai (aged 10) and Libby (aged 7). From all of the threads, it seems that leaving our family and friends is going to be the hardest part of the process and this has had us thinking.....wouldn't it be lovely to start up a 'Moving to Oz in 2013' group? That way we could ALL keep in touch, share tips, offer advice, share photos, events etc...and who knows even meet up every six months for a beach barbie and a few share our experiences in person (and hopefully our children can make some new friends too) 
    We know that for us....the key to settling into our new life, will be having a circle of good supportive friends, like minded people who share similar experiences, worries, doubts and dreams. So guys, if any of you are interested in being part of a 'Moving to Oz in 2013' group, ...really looking forward to getting to know you all, best wishes Karen and Lee, Kai and Libby 
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 18, 2013
  17. Love Shoes

    Love Shoes Super Moderator

    You can start your own group on this forum, it is easy to set up a group .... I can do it if you want me too, this way everything is kept together, members join, you chat within the group and the group grows ...... You can have loads of different topics within the group, I have started a furry friends group, please join that too .....
  18. Love Shoes

    Love Shoes Super Moderator

  19. gore4aus

    gore4aus Guest

    Hi Karen, Lee and family

    Please to meet you and like you say the more support we all have the better. Keep in touch.
  20. Kforsythklf

    Kforsythklf New Member

    Hi Vanessa and Dave,
    After years of shall we, shan't we, we finally decided to give it a go just after Christmas. Now the house is on the market, we can concentrate on getting the visa sorted. We plan to be in Brisbane by Christmas 2013, we have a friend we will stay with in Hawthorne (Brisbane) initially, until we find work, and then we will hopefully be able to rent somewhere :) ideally, we would love to live in Mooloolaba, but finding work is the priority, so will stay in Brisbane initially. We haven't used an agent, as they are so costly, and when you apply for your visa, you will be allocated a case worker, who tells you what you need to next (eg: Medicals) whereabouts in Notts are you from? we are in Belper, Derbyshire :) it would be great to stay in touch, and to share tips, info and experiences etc...will look forward to speaking soon, Karen and Lee x

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