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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by Joeybee, Dec 3, 2012.

  1. Joeybee

    Joeybee Guest


    Me and my Husband decided to take the plunge and move to Australia, and have spent the past few weeks figuring out the application process and deciding where we'd like to live. After much to-ing and fro-ing, we have decided on Brisbane. We liked the fact it was a young, growing city and isn't quite as flash or expensive (so I'm told) than Sydney or Melbourne, and the weather is a draw also.

    I'm a 25 year old nurse and my Husband is 26 and unfortunately has just been made unemployed (he was working in retail). We're quite outgoing and sociable and want to try to improve our quality of life and start again in a new place.

    Now we've decided on Brisbane, we are trying to figure out which suburbs would suit us. Looking through this forum it seems like a dilemma for lots of people here. I want to find a suburb close to the hospital I work at (which I'm hoping will be Royal Brisbane, The Prince Charles Hospital or Princess Alexandra hospital) and with good transport links to the CBD. I'm willing to live further out in the suburbs if close to a good hospital I could work at, so long as the transport links are good. Neither me or my Husband can drive so public transport links are important to us. I love the look of the 'Queenslander' style houses and would rather live in something like that, and in a quieter area, than in a unit in a busier area. We've spent the last 6 years living in Central London, Manchester and now Brighton, so a bit of peace and quiet would be quite welcome.

    Anyway, I just wanted to say hi, and I look forward to using this forum. :biggrin:

  2. Vix

    Vix Guest

    I've been living in Brissy for 2 yrs, its lovely even on the excrutiatingly hot days like today - 38 degrees!!

    I think the first thing to say is the ppublic transport system is ok but not as good as UK. There are only 2 train lines coming north out of Brisbane centre - one to the east and one to the west. Buses are ok though. Rental prices have been increasing over the past year or so and Brisbane is getting more expensive. We used to live in Nundah which is near to the airport and has a train station. That is an up and coming neighbourhood and if you're happy with just going straight into the city using train that's a good option- might be a problem getting to prince Charles? Not sure. The main bus route is down gympie rd which is always really busy, if I were you I'd look at the suburbs surrounding gympie rd - running north - south from the city.
    Queenslanders are generally expensive to rent unless they're dilapidated or tiny!! There is what I call a golden circle around the north of Brisbane where properties are beautiful, quiet neighbourhoods, tree lined streets etc etc but pretty pricey.unless you're happy to pay around 300-400 quid a week you'd be better off looking north past Lutwyche/Alderney/

    Good luck!! Enjoy your last year in the UK!!
  3. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    I know a few nurses live in the Western suburbs as prices are reasonable and its a pretty straight run into the city , be it via public or private transport. Have a look at areas like Sinnamon Park, Jindalee, Westlakes etc..

    Cal x
  4. fish.01

    fish.01 Member

    Heh Joeybee,

    If you could end up at the Royal Brisbane, The Prince Charles Hospital or Princess Alexandra hospital if might be hard to choose a suburb at this stage as they are on opposite side of Brisbane? Or would you like some anyway based on a particular hospital?
  5. lap70

    lap70 New Member

    Hi - I had a job at the PA Hospital and lived in Windsor (North side) close to Albion station but moved further out to Kallangur/Petrie for a bigger home for a more affordable rent. It was too far away from the PA and I shifted to a job at Redcliffe Hospital - there is a direct bus that takes you there and I think it also goes all the way down past RBH as well in the other direction. If I was you I would get myself some driving lessons as you really do need a car in Australia, otherwise you will find yourself very restricted, especially if you have to live further out - just getting to the train station from home could be difficult without a car, especially if you have to work shifts and not a 9-5 worker.
  6. Joeybee

    Joeybee Guest

    Thank-you everyone for your interesting and helpful replies.
    It is all in the very early stages yet, and it is hard to plan areas to live when I don't know which hospital I'll be working at. I suppose thinking about where I could live makes it seem that little bit more real, and I'm trying to get a little bit of a picture of what different parts of the city are like.
    lap70, you are right, learning to drive would give me a lot more freedom, and is probably something I'll consider when I move out to QLD.
    Oh and cal, thanks, I hadn't actually looked at any of those suburbs yet, so I'll look into them. I can't wait to get my EOI launched and my assessment by the NMBA to be done, then things can really get moving :smile:
  7. fish.01

    fish.01 Member

    Joeybee Brisbane is very quiet compared to London so there is a good chance you will find the inner suburbs quiet enough and the outer suburbs too quiet and remote for a sociable person without a car.

    I would suggest a little renovated Queenslander cottage given you said you like Queenslander keep the price down.

    The Royal Brisbane, The Mater and The Princess Alexandra (P.A) are Brisbane's main hospitals. They are all on the "busway" which is a grade separated bus road system in Brisbane that runs lots of buses along it without cars or traffic lights slowing it down.

    It might pay to live along this busway whichever side of Brisbane you end up on.

    Another option is too live within walking distance of the hospital. Depends on your budget but somewhere like this perhaps: hill-409304563

    It is a very quiet area but still within walking of a university, hospital, markets, supermarkets, cafes, theatre etc
  8. fish.01

    fish.01 Member

    Busway at the Mater Hospital:


    Elevated Busway and Cycle Centre at Royal Brisbane:


    Busway and Bikeway at Princess Alexandra Hospital:

    Last edited: Dec 7, 2012
  9. Joeybee

    Joeybee Guest

    fish.01 Thank you so much for your helpful reply. Just been looking up about the busways, they seem a pretty good idea, and all three of the hospitals seem well connected.
    When me and my Husband have been looking at suburbs we keep managing to find ourselves coming back to yeerongpilly, which seems to have decent train links to the CBD areas too. Anyway, I've got plenty of food for thought now, roll on 2013 when I can actually make some positive steps to getting to Brisbane.
  10. Fliss86

    Fliss86 Guest


    Our situation sounds very similar to yours! I am a 26 year old nurse (working on an acute surgical ward) and my hubby is 27 and also works in retail management! He is hoping to apply for the police when we move out there and has currently applied for a queensland police course! We aren't moving until 2014 though as have to save the pennies first!!

    A brand new hospital is actually being built on the sunshine coast, due to open early 2014, may be of interest to you... I think I am going to apply as would ideally like a job to go to before we get there!

    What area of nursing do you work in?? What kind of visa have you got??

    Please feel free to message me, as I am looking for new friends before we land out there to make the transition a little easier!!

    Speak soon,

  11. FrogLegsFred

    FrogLegsFred Guest

    Kangaroo Point (yes, the most australian sounding suburb ever) is great. Close to the city, public transport, schools and a hospital (Mater). Lived here when I was in my early twenties, no regrets!

    Kelvin Grove, where my partner and I just moved to; the location perfect for us. There are two hospitals close by too, one in Herston and one in Spring Hill.

    Both of these areas are great for public transport,

    Not sure if it helps, but when we moved we found some good resources and tips here.

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