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Discussion in 'Visas / Migration' started by kevin1986, Jan 23, 2012.

  1. kevin1986

    kevin1986 Guest

    curious on jobs, renting, buying and medical care.

    my partner will be a newly qualified mental health nurse. i my self am a qualified chef, although i have not done this job for the past few years, i was wondering about the rate of pay for both if its as good as its made out as we are both on the skills wanted list.
    if there is actual employment for both of us.

    Renting- everywhere i look on posts people talk about how expensive it is in to live in brisbane rent ect.. i have looked myself and on the hopes that we were both to get employment then i don't see the prices being so bad or am i wrong.

    buying- we are hoping to come over on a permanent visa and wish to live the rest of days out over here. are we able to buy or get a mortgage or is this difficult as we are from over seas. (obviously not right away few years in)

    medical- i have been looking at medi-care and it doesn't seem to cover a lot of medical treatments am i best getting this along with other health insurance or just stick with one.

    places to live- we have been looking around the brisbane area at suburbs bridgeman downs has really caught my attention i was wondering if anyone could tell me more about this place or recommend any others.


  2. Cerberus1

    Cerberus1 Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Kev
    Welcome to the forum
    There shouldn't be any issue with you getting a mortgage, being from overseas isn't really a factor. Even if you were on a temporary 457 visa it's still possible to get a mortgage.
    We've always been happy with Medicare treatment and haven't had any private health insurance in the years we've been here. You enroll/register for medicare (think NHS) when you get here, then it's up to you if you wish to supplement this with your own private health insurance.
    Can't really advise on Brisbane as I'm further North
  3. srp

    srp No longer active member

    Renting...... If you are both working then renting should not be a problem, the closer you are to the CBD the more expensive renting will be, i am sure some of our other members will be able to suggest the best areas for you. Remember when renting you do not pay and rates (Council tax) that is the landlords responsibility and the water bill has to be checked out as some charge if you use excess water others do not charge at all.

    Buying........ Should not be a problem, i believe they like a 10% deposit but the bigger the deposit the better deal you can get.

    Medical....... I do not have private insurance and have been very happy with the care we have on the public system (Medicare). However Medicare does not cover dental or optical work and dental work can be expensive.... Insurance does not always cover the full cost of treatment and you can be left with a GAP payment. That is the difference between the actual cost and the insurance payment. I have a relative who has had a Hip replacement and the GAP payment was $2000, had he not had the insurance and used Medicare he would not have had to pay anything. he may have had to wait a little longer but saved $2000. If you earn over a certain amount of money a year (could be $80000 but not sure) you have to pay a Medicare levy on your tax if you do not have Insurance.

    The choice to insure or not depends on a lot of factors and if you have a well paid job then you may be penalised by tax if you do not insure.

    Hope that helps a little

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