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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by simpha, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. simpha

    simpha Guest

    Hi Everyone,

    I am in the very lucky position of having a company sponsor my employment in Brisbane, (Visa application going through now).
    I do of course have so many questions, that I simply can't ask my future employer.
    If any of you can help me, I shall be most grateful.

    I'm going to be (work0 located in the Yeerongpilly area. I need to know of good Primary schools close by, my kids are (G) aged 9 and (B) aged 6. I would also like to know of nice areas to live.

    If anyone can help with information on the cost of living too, that would be great. (Food, Gas, Power, 'council tax') and so on I shall be Renting and not Buying, are there any extra's (I don't already know about).
    Thank you

  2. srp

    srp No longer active member

    Hi Simpha,

    Welcome to LIQ, I cannot help with schools and the good areas because i do not know much about that side. I can give you some information about household costs, but these will vary depending where you end up living.

    Rental.... depends what you want and where you want to live anything from around $300 per week right up to 600 or 700 per week.
    Council tax.... paid by landlord not your problem..
    Water ...... landlord may pay some and you may pay costs if you go above a set limit
    Telephone & internet package ....$100 PM
    Electricity $100 PM average, but again depends on if you have air con and / or a pool, could be a lot higher.
    Gas Normally bottle gas, I use for heating, costs around $90 a month for what I use. for the 3 winter months, not used in summer.
    Food shopping..... Now that is a can of worms and there are a great deal of different thoughts on this..... I find the big supermarkets (Coles/Woolworths) expensive and the smaller independents give better value and better quality of food. This is totally opposite to the UK where you expect the supermarket to be the cheapest. ALDI is a cheaper supermarket but limited choice. Look for fruit barns and farm shops for cheaper fruit and veg, You will often find Sunday "farmers markets".
    Petrol..... at the moment I am paying $1.35 Ltr, keep an eye out for the cheap petrol day, often a Wednesday or Thursday. when for one day the cost is lowered, Also if you do shop at one of the big supermarkets you often get a fuel voucher for money off petrol in their petrol stations.

    I hope this helps a little and I am sure other will pop on to let you have their ideas :rolleyes:
    Last edited: Aug 11, 2011
  3. simpha

    simpha Guest

    Hi Colin

    Thank you for the information, thats a great help. I have looked on the net on many sites and its amazing how much conflicting information is on there. I should have joined a forum long ago, I wouldn't have had so many sleepless nights.


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