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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by dipsy, May 31, 2007.

  1. dipsy

    dipsy Guest

    Hi all :) We are new to this site, so hoping for a bit of advice if any of you have some free time pleeeeease.

    Myself, hubby and 3 sons (18, 15 and 7) plus 2 dogs are currently living in Adelaide and have been here for just over a year...Things haven't worked out too well, and although we love Adelaide, we just feel like 'something' is missing here. Hubby is a carpenter and is struggling to settle into work as the wages are so low...I have just managed to get a job for the GPO in the evenings after a year of trying but life financially is as hard here as it was in the uk, having said that it's much much nicer here! We originally wanted to move to Queensland but had to come on an STNI visa to Adelaide for 2 years, however, after lots of phone calls we discovered the other day that we CAN move to any other state and that it will have no bearing on our visa. So, we want to come to Queensland hopefully in January (08). Now we have decided me and hubby are panicking, although I'm not sure why because we moved from the other side of the world! We have no idea on areas we would like to head for or if jobs are more available as we have heard from others that have been there. I think our sons will eventually be struggling to get jobs when they leave college here in Adelaide, as they seem so few and far between...can anyone give me any advice on areas, work etc...Right I've rambled for far too long, sorry and thanks

  2. EssextoOz

    EssextoOz Guest

    Hi Dipsy, I cant offer any advice as I am just starting the process UK to OZ myself, but just wanted to wish you all the luck with the move, like you say you have done the hard part in getting that far, I really hope it works out for you all.

  3. dipsy

    dipsy Guest

    thanks for that Hayles...think moving from Adelaide to Queensland is more nerve wrecking than the move from uk to here lol! Don't know where to start with it all, hold on...just going into panic mode! :shock:
    We will get there in the end, have to just persuade our teenagers its the best thing for us all, then we can go.

    Good luck with you, I hope your application speeds through like ours did, let me know how you get on, take care.
    dip x
  4. EssextoOz

    EssextoOz Guest

    dont panic - breath ))))))) ok?

    As for teenagers, you cant win with them whatever you do, so just do it, they will get over it one or another lol, brisbane is alot busier and much more for them to do than Adelaide so that should suit them.
  5. Phyllis n Joe

    Phyllis n Joe New Member

    Hi Dipsy

    Where abouts in QLD were you thinking of setteling? We are on the gold coast at the moment but looking to move up north possibly. My hubbie is a chippy an most of the work seems to be up north of brissie.

  6. Butcher-Boy

    Butcher-Boy Guest

    Adelaide to Queensland

    Did you need to get pernission to switch form South Australia as we are in the same position. We are state sponsered too and thought we have to give it 2 years.
  7. Ozmate

    Ozmate Guest

    moving Adelaide to Brisbane

    Hi Dipsy

    I have had the good fortune of living in Adelaide, Britian and now Brisbane. I loved the beach,shopping and wineries of Adelaide,however Brisbane's winter is much kinder. We had 20 degrees and above this year. I brought my British husband out last year and we have made the Bayside our home. I call it the Freemantle of Brisbane. It is laid back, has great cafe's and the Marina. Only 30 min by train to the city centre. Plenty of schools. Watersports to keep teenagers happy! THe surf is 45 minutes away at the Gold Coast. There is a lot of housing being built which I guess would be good for a carpenter.

    Don't get too overwhelmed by moving. Just keep thinking of all that sun here in Queensland.

    Hope this helps a little.

  8. roadrunner

    roadrunner New Member

    Hi Dipsy,
    Glad to know there are other people in the same boat as us. We've been in Adelaide for 2 1/2 years now and like you say there is something missing here.
    We've just ( yesterday ) returned from a weeks holiday at Surfers Paradise and we've loved every second of it. There's just much more to do and more places to go, and motorways to get about on up there.
    We did 3 of the Theme parks, Brissie, the Mountains and the place is more what we wanted Australia to be like.
    I too am a Carpenter and like your hubby Ive spent my time down here moving around in work looking for some decent money. I got the jobs paper when we got there on the 3rd and again on the 10th and there was nearly half a page of vacancies for Carpenters in both editions.
    I dont know how your hubby works or what he does but Ive got my contractors licence here and I subby to firms - kitchens / joinery installations and that kind of thing.
    There was a vacancy in one paper. Carpenter wanted, must have license, insur' van and tools $ 55.00 per hour !
    In Surfers there was work going on all over the place.
    We've decided its the place for us and were aiming at going next May / June time.
    Ive gone on abit I know but my point was to let your hubby know there is loads of work going on up there - Ive even brought the papers back with me for future possible contacts.
    Hope this helps your plans.

  9. kazinoz

    kazinoz Guest

    :p We too are thinking of leaving Adelaide! We have been here for 16 months. We are both settled in our jobs, have made friends and have a lovely home....BUT....there is definately something missing. I also think the weather in Adelaide has been really disapointing. This winter was freezing and went on a long time. Its only been the last 2 weeks that the weather is good again. Also we feel there is more to Australia than here.
    So I am busy applying for jobs, hubby can get a transfer with his, so we are going to see what happens. I figure we made the hardest move from UK to Adelaide. So we feel we can cope with an interstate move.

  10. Nick'n'Trish

    Nick'n'Trish Guest

    :D Hiya, we have recently made the move from Adelaide to sunny Brissie and have been here about 5 months........still don't know a soul. We are living at Redcliffe at the moment and looking around to buy a house (prices keep increasing month by month!) we're looking from Narangba to Hervey many choices, it's great :lol:

    The weather is fantastic - though my hair hates the humidity with a passion :evil: There is SOOOO much more to do here and so many places to go. Good Luck with it all, you'll be fine. Trish

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