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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by Caroline, Jan 26, 2012.

  1. Caroline

    Caroline Guest

    Hi everyone!
    How glad I am to have found you! I have so many doubts and questions
    Even though I was brought up in Australia (Sydney, then Cairns) I have been living in Greece these last 28 years, and feel like a stranger
    I am planning on moving my Greek family ( husband + 2 teenagers) to Australia in September 2012.
    We were a successful husband and wife Architect team, but the building industry here has all but ceased, and its time to get out!
    I have family in Melbourne and in Cairns, but I am attracted to Brisbane as a place for us to settle.
    I think job opportunities will be better and Uni for the kids in a couple of years, with plenty of sunshine and well..its Queensland!
    We also love the Sunshine coast. But my finding work will decide the issue for us.
    I'm an Australian citizen, 51,experienced architect but without qualifications = employable at a lower position, probably?
    My husband is a qualified architect, but Greek and 64 y.o.= doubt he'll find a job?
    But how easy is it to get work there? and which suburb to move to? we'll start with a rental of course, so I guess its easy to move again,
    but what about schools, are the state schools you can attend determined by your address, as they are here? so if you move?
    We would like to bring our pet dog and cat with us, I know they will have to go to 30 days quarantine,
    has any of you done this? I would like to hear of your experiences......enough from me! cheers, Caroline

  2. Cerberus1

    Cerberus1 Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Caroline
    Welcome to the forum. Can't help with Brisbane I'm afraid, as I'm in Cairns (after previously being in Melbourne). Hopefully some of our Brisbane based members will be able to offer advice re: suburbs etc.

    With regards state schools, the Queensland Education website says "Parents are free to send their children to the school of their choice, depending on available places. Some schools have an enrolment management plan in place that means students may not be able to attend unless they live within the designated catchment zone."

    Probably worth having a look on (largest jobs website) to see what the job situation is currently like for your professions.
  3. sayp

    sayp Guest

    good luck to you!

    I have done the pet thing. It is complicated and you need to start the process approx 6 months in advance. This is in due to the rabies piece - they must be vaccinated then have blood drawn to and sent to a particular lab to ensure they have developed resistance. Microchipping, vaccinations, blood tests - the instructions are pretty clear there are just many many steps. I used an agent in the end and they did provide a lot of direction along the way. The fee is a bit much though. So if you can afford it, use it, if not, it's not iimpossible to arrange. All up it cost me $3500 for one cat. That's all the costs.

    It has been worth it. We love her and she made us feel at home. She bounced back and was totally fine in quarantine. Oh, there's no station in Brisbane so was sent to Sydney... Here's the link.
  4. Caroline

    Caroline Guest

    Thank you, Cerebus,
    We are also considering Cairns, I used to live up there before moving to Greece,and my sister still lives there.
    But I think my husband and kids will do better in a more cosmopolitan city...that's why I'm thinking Brisbane, don't know really.
    I've had a look on and other similar sites, It's all so well organized and helpful, just got to get my CV out there to different firms and I'm sure I'll find something.
    Might even end up in Cairns!
  5. Caroline

    Caroline Guest

    Thanks for the link sayp,
    It's going to be expensive,as we are considering the dog and the two cats!
    might have to rethink that if the the finances don't improve (it's hard in Greece at the moment!)
  6. Verena

    Verena Guest

    Hi Caroline,

    We moved from the UK to Brisbane in August 2010. No jobs and three kids (now 15, 21 and 23 years old). We settled in a suburb called The Gap and really love it here. Although my 15 year old son goes to Marist College in Ashgrove, the State school here in The Gap has a really good reputation. I know some young people attending that school and can only recommend it. As for job opportunities, Brisbane is a fast grown city with opportunities, my husband or myself found it easy to find employment, however, I do know of people who did struggle a little. How old are your children?

    Best of luck and please let me know if you end up in Brisbane,


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