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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by alles, Mar 20, 2008.

  1. alles

    alles New Member

    hi quick intro
    were laura, alan 3 children & small dog
    we came to sa in may last yr
    but for me it has never felt right , (lots of reasons )anyway we have sold our house & were makin plans to head back to blighty...... but alan thinks we have come this far we should try another state, (we are pr,) his boss at work has sons that run a plumbing company in brissy so there may be job prospects ? what is the work situation like up there ?? back in the uk i was a special needs ass in a local primary school, any such jobs there ?? in sa i have worked as an unqualifed child care ass in a nursery (poor pay )
    so without this turnin ito a very long post anyone with thoughts of nice areas , good schools & LOTS of friendly faces your input would great thanx laura

  2. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    hiya welcome to brits in brissy,,sorry to hear you havnt settled in sa ,but brissy is fantastic,you really do need to give it a go before throwing the towel in altogether.Plumbing wise your hubby should get a job easy enough ,not sure hpw the teaching assistants work here but child care ctrs are screaming for staff both qualified and unqualified,,have you looked on to see whats available,good luck with everything
    Cal x
  3. itsjo

    itsjo Guest

    4 months ago I would have said the same about Brissy, but had only been here 2!!! Now there is no stopping us..Maybe I am bias but QLD for us is the best state in the whole of Oz... So many new things to experience, so many nice just does it for us...We have been to NSW, and although a real nice place it isnt a patch on QLD
    Jo x
  4. Lou

    Lou Guest


    Although I'm not there yet (hopefully in the next couple of months) I'd say it's a great idea to give QLD a go. I loved it there and am bursting to get over there asap!

    We have also said that if we dont get on with the area, after all we havent lived there yet only holidays, then we will try another state (or 2) before heading back to blighty.

    Good luck with move, I really hope you find the place for you and your family!!

  5. Mrs C

    Mrs C New Member

    Hi Laura

    I am not in Brisbane yet and infact have never been before, just wanted to say Hi to you and offer some support.

    My plan is to stay for at least three years, even if I don't like it, BUT if that means moving about abit until I find somewhere I do like, what an adventure I'll have.

    Good luck to you and your family, I hope you are happy whatever you do with yourselves.


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