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Discussion in 'Socialising & Get Togethers' started by lmacquet, Sep 18, 2010.

  1. lmacquet

    lmacquet New Member

    Arrived here in August with husband and 2 boys aged 3 and 5 months. Finding it much harder to meet people than anticipated. Currently living in Upper MT Gravatt so if anyone is nearby would love to hear from you especially mums in the same boat!

    We are not sure whether we will be staying in this area - what areas in Brisbane are best for families? Advice most appreciated!

  2. kath2198

    kath2198 Guest

    Have sent you a PM but if you can't make that, I am happy to catch up on another day. It can take a little while to meet people and make friends, but having kids helps. We can have a proper natter when we meet up.

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