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Discussion in 'Money & Finance' started by the4macs, Mar 14, 2007.

  1. the4macs

    the4macs Guest

    Hi all,
    Darren (the husband) me (julie) and two kids are in the early stages of thinking of moving to brisbane (forest lake to be excact). Doing loads of reasearch at present and one query was about mortages. Can you apply when you arrive, how long do you have to wait, how easy is the process. I think we should have a good deposit but what is the min. It would be great to hear from anyone with experience in this.
    Sorry to bombard you all on my first post!!!

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  3. hi 4macs

    Hi to you all,
    Myself,husband and 2 kids are in the process as well[waiting on reply of tra] We are hoping to move in the next 12 months,and would love to hear from you.Are children are 8&5 my husband is a motor mechanic,and i work in sales.We live in Mayobridge Newry co down.Would love to know at what stage your at?We too have lots of questions and it would be great to get chatting with someone in the same area.Hope you don't take offensive from this, but when i seen your address i had to post a reply.Thanks shane&andrea

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