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Discussion in 'Jobs & Careers' started by welshgirl92, Oct 23, 2010.

  1. welshgirl92

    welshgirl92 Guest

    Hello everyone, moved to brisbane a few days ago, and I am just looking for some work!
    I am a hairdresser, going to do mobile at the moment until I can find something temporary, so if anyone wants there hair done please pm me for a price list
    Would love to hear from you all soon
  2. andretta01

    andretta01 Guest

    Hi there, WELCOME TO AUSTRALIA 0(*o*)0
    my name is Andrea and would like a price list please! I live in Springwood 4127.
    Kind regards.
  3. welshgirl92

    welshgirl92 Guest

    Thanks :D please pm me regarding what it is u want prices for because I have loads of different services :D
  4. welshgirl92

    welshgirl92 Guest

    Hope to hear from u soon x
  5. briggy

    briggy New Member

    Hiya hun where abouts are you located?? Don't want you travelling too far:D
    I'm gonna need a good hair trim before long, how much do ya charge??
    I live Chermside area:D
    Cheers Brig x
  6. welshgirl92

    welshgirl92 Guest

    Hey :) I'm in regents park, don't mind travelling though, where is chermside?
    A cut is 30, but I have great deals on colours + cuts together at the moment x
  7. briggy

    briggy New Member

    Hiya hun:D
    it's northside Brisbane, Bout 7kms from CBD havn't a clue where Regents park is tho:D lol.
    good price, cos really will have to get it done soon.
    My daughter would go mad cos she is qualified upto the hilt in Hair beauty n stuff. Since leaving uk i have permed my hair coloured bleached lol. And have tried to cut it lol. Bet your wishing you never asked lol.
    At the mo tis dark with white at the front . but let me now how far you have to travel, cos I might have a freind too who will probs have hers done aswell.

    Cheers hun x:smile:
  8. welshgirl92

    welshgirl92 Guest

    So how come your daughter doesn't do it for you lol?
    No I don't mind travelling to there at all, especially if there is two of you who would like somethinng done?
    So are u thinking just a cut hun or do u wanna no about the colour thingys?
    Well I'm not working until friday if your thinking this week sometime? Just let me no more when u can xx
  9. wondering aloud

    wondering aloud New Member

    I like to have my hair cut and highlighted every so often. I am a dull blonde naturally which i hate, so needs lifting every now and then. Not in brisbane yet but moving in a couple of weeks, and whilst i will have had my hair done before the move i would be interested in prices etc for future reference....? You may well be in a more permanent position by then but still, thought I would ask :D

  10. briggy

    briggy New Member

    Hiya hun she can't do it cos she lives in the uk:(
    If ya give us a couple of weeks. I'm probs just wanting it cut for now. But probs in a few weeks. Will let ya know:)
    The style I'm wanting, is do you watch Kardashians at all (I don't) haha but i like their mums hair do the way it is cut:D
    But yeah will also ask my freind when she is wanting her hair done next then rather than doing one you could make a bit more brass:D

    Cheers Brig :biggrin:x

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