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Discussion in 'North & Far North QLD' started by Ktee, Nov 1, 2013.

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    SOUTH Mission Beach was the Far North's worst storm-affected suburb over the past 12 months, according to one of the state's biggest insurance companies. Figures released by Suncorp todayshow storm-related insurance claims in South Mission Beach cost an average of $16,000, while Innisfail claims cost $9000.
    With today marking the start of the cyclone season, homeowners in the region are being urged to prepare their homes.
    The weather bureau has predicted a typical season, with up to four cyclones expected to form over the Coral Sea.
    Suncorp spokeswoman Melissa Cronin said the company handled 530-storm related complaints in the Far North between July 2012 to June this year.
    There were 50 claims in Cairns, with an average cost of $2500.
    "These figures go to show the frightening level of damage that can be caused by summer storms, and serves as a reminder to the Far North Queensland community to get ready and make sure they're prepared for whatever mother nature has in store," she said.
    The company has joined forces with the State Government to launch a "Get Ready" campaign.
    "Alarmingly our research has found that less than half of all Queenslanders have taken the necessary steps to protect their homes following last year's storm season. It's a worrying statistic and something we want to change," Ms Cronin said.
    It follows a study by RACQ that found less than half of North Queensland households had checked their home and building contents insurance and a third were unprepared for the looming season of storms.
    Only 19 per cent of respondents had prepared an emergency plan and 29 per cent had checked their roofs.
    RACQ insurance spokesman Mike Sopinski said under-insurance would be felt worse in areas like the Far North.
    "The problem of under-insurance can be exacerbated following major disasters when demand forces rebuilding costs to increase dramatically in the affected area, as was the case in North Queensland after Larry and Yasi."

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