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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by Holmes Family, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. Hi I am a midwife that works at a busy regional refferal centre, I have only been qualified 12 months. We are looking at trying to get a PR visa using my skills. (Only at the very begining of process, just doing research at the moment). I have been doing some research about hospitals and found that Mater Hospital seems popular for migrants due to the relocation package. Is there anyone that is a midwife there or knows what its like as a place to work?
    Also as we have a young family finding a good area with decent schools and within a reasonable drive to the coast, is important. But obviously we need to be able to access the hospital. Any suggestions on good areas? (we are looking at renting to begin with until we decide exactly where we want to settle) or different other maternity centres that would be worth me looking at for work? Eventually I would like to work in the public sector where I believe I can maintain my autonomy (I could of got that completly the wrong way round, please coorect me if I have).

  2. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Hi areas will depend on how long you wish to spend commuting and also depending if you would need public transport or not.
    I relocated a family last year , the wife had a job at the Gold Coast Hospital in the special baby unit, they decided to settle on Pacific Pines.
    The year before i helped a family relocate from Perth she works at the Mater and they settled in Albany Creek which is a nice area and not too far from everything.
    Cal x
  3. Mark and Jo

    Mark and Jo The MadHatters

    I know a few people that have worked there and love it!

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