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  1. Hi to all

    we are the Gore Family we have our PR Visa & will be going to Bris area July 2010

    we are looking for anyone else who is going to the Bris Gold, Sunshine coast area who would like to meet up for a few drinks & get to know each other get some more info from others on how life will be ( Not cold fo a start)

    anyone intersted please let us know

    We have 3 kids 17 13 & 5 so can cater for all ages

    See you soon

    David Heather & Kids:cool::wink:

  2. Brelly

    Brelly Guest

    Hi Guys

    We moved from Mansfield to Brisbane Bayside in November. You will love it over here. Theres so much more to do than back in Mansfield. And of course the weather helps too. Good luck with your move.

    Simon, Caroline and Ethan
  3. Hi guys

    we are David Heather Sam Rachel & Ethan

    which Nov did you move out?
    We have lots of questions if you dont mind trying to answer them?

    if you ok with that we could PM you or our email is goretennis[at]@aolDOTcom

    hope you are enjoying it ?

    What do you do for a living?
    what are the schools like if you lad is at school

    how old is Ethan? did you have him in Mansfield? was it at Kings Mill?

    Heather is a midwife and she works at Kings Mill you may have even meet without knowing??

    hope to hear from you soon

    All the best

    David Heather & Kids:eek:

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