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Discussion in 'Socialising & Get Togethers' started by nikkievans, Jul 31, 2011.

  1. nikkievans

    nikkievans New Member

    Hey, anyone interested, we are organising a bbq at Scarborough beach for the 28th August.. around 12.30ish.. bring something to put on the bbq.. drinks.. making it at Railway place/Pirate place at Scarborough beach park. the bbq's next to the playground.. i'll put some balloons up otherwise just listen for the pommie accents.. shouldnt be too hard lol..
    look forward to seeing you there
    Nikki xx

  2. srp

    srp No longer active member


    I wish i could make it my my job dictates i work weekend especially this time of the year. But if you have one later in the year i would love to attend. I hope you get plenty turn out for the day. Are you also advertising on PIO as there are some on our sister site who do not look on here. Not everyone has our good taste. :)

    Good luck with the meet and i hope that if you arrange later ones in the year i would be able to attend.
  3. nikkievans

    nikkievans New Member

    Hi Colin, yep I have posted it on POI as well.. Shame you can't make it, hopefully we will arrange one later on in the year as they're seems to be few people interested but are not moving over here till Sept/Oct time so will be worth arranging a meet end of Spring.. i'll let you know anyway.. x
  4. nikkievans

    nikkievans New Member

    BBQ has been cancelled, very sorry .. after the amount of rain yesterday we decided to call it off till another time..
    will let you know when we are going to arrange the next one :notworthy:
  5. Hey Mandy here (Chloe's mum)

    We moved to clontarf a year ago from scotland and are looking to meet some friends for bbq's, drinks etc. If you could let us know when the next gathering is, that would be great! We would love to meet up with some of you guys, There is me, my husband Gordon, daughter Chloe (17) and son jayden (3). Thanks :)

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