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  1. liamandsaff

    liamandsaff New Member

    Hi there,
    We (myself, husband and son 11yrs and daughter 10yrs), arrived 5 months ago from England via new zealand and france (there's definitely a book in there somewhere!). We are all nicely settled and loving our life in Warner (near Albany Creek, Cashmere, Eatons Hill, Strathpine), but missing out a bit on having people to call mates.
    I'm not working at the moment and would love to catch up with anyone who fancies a laugh, walk, shop or coffee and cake. I'm very keen on cake.
    Look forward to hearing from you

  2. tony & marie

    tony & marie New Member

    hi guys
    not there yet but hoping to be in october! you sound as though you have all settled in which is reasuring for us. we all like cake!!!!!! can you bake?
    we would welcome any tips re: areas to rent in, not too expensive with good state primary schools, we have two girls aged 9 and 6. I have a job in and around Strathpine (pine hills) and my wife may have a job in and around Caboolture, any ideas?

    tony & marie
  3. Samantha

    Samantha Guest

    Hi, we live in Kallangur (near North Lakes). I am an Aussie but my partner is from the Uk and his been here almost 4 years now...
    We have a 5 year old daughter (almost 6)
    We work in the city during the week but love to find some friends on the North side, to have a BBQ on the weekend and just a few drinks.
  4. liamandsaff

    liamandsaff New Member

    Hi guys,
    I just replyed to your message for info on another page before i saw you on here. I forgot to add of course that we'd definitely be keen to catch up. Yes i do bake - but only because i'm at home at the moment and trying to fill my time - but managing to fill my face aswell!
    We are about 10 mins from Strathpine in Warner and finding it a great place to live. Hope you'll be joining us!
  5. liamandsaff

    liamandsaff New Member

    Hi Samantha, Thanks for replying. A catch up would be good, bbq and drinks sounds like a fine idea! We have visitors arriving next weekend for a couple of weeks but would love to catch up after that. If you are free and at a loose end then email us on
  6. Jayne

    Jayne Guest

    Hi Guys,
    We arrived here in January and like you came via another route, we lived in Florida for 2 years! Having the same problem as you, missing our friends, it would be great to meet up for a BBQ or just coffee and cake. We live near Samford Village so not too far from you. Our kids are a bit older though, Kathryn 17 and Andy 14.
    Hope to hear from you.
  7. liamandsaff

    liamandsaff New Member

    Hey Jayne,
    Good to hear from you.
    I'd love to meet up. We have visitors for a couple of weeks but i'll get back in touch again when they've gone. It's lovely out your way - look forward to meeting you
  8. tony & marie

    tony & marie New Member

    Hi Saff
    Is it difficult to get a rental property when we arrive? What things should we bring, bank statements, mortgage payments here in the UK? I guess we would have to put a bond down but how quick is it to go through the process? We intended to rent a holiday let or something similar on our arrival for a few weeks whilst we found and secured a long-term rent and received our furniture from the Uk, are we being naive??????


  9. srp

    srp No longer active member

    Hi, Tony & marie

    I have just moved over here and found renting a property really easy, But you will need identification, Most agents use a points scheme and you have to reach 100 points to rent, Your passport with visa, driving licence (uk was ok for me), Bank account details, (easy to set up), medicare card are things they ask for. (visit medicare office with visa and passport for temporary number, card posted out in a few days). You will need somewhere to live whilst you set all this up, so holiday acomodation for about 4 weeks hopefully should be fine, you can check with Estate agents before you arrive and hopefully get pre-approved. The bond on a property is 4 weeks rent and you have to pay one week in advance. I have rented a property for 6 months to give me time to look around and decide what i want and where to live. You can get some nice properties for around $300 a week depending where you want to go. I live on bribie and for $300 a week you can live right by the water. I hope this helps.
    Last edited: Jul 30, 2009
  10. Jayne

    Jayne Guest

    :smile:Sounds good. Look forward to hearing from you. Jayne

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