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Discussion in 'Jobs & Careers' started by juliej, Apr 18, 2008.

  1. juliej

    juliej Guest

    Hi is anyone out there working as a nurse at the mater hospital especially theatres, Have researched other hospitals and this one stands out would like to know from anyone who is there and if they have accomodation, sponsership etc
  2. allsopps3

    allsopps3 New Member

    Hi, Julie. I'm not there yet, but had an interview and was offered a job with them yesterday. The bloke that interviewed me was really nice and made it sound so good I wish I could go tomorrow!:laugh:
    He did say they would sponsor me and offered up to 15000 dollars relocation package, but we are still going to go for pr so I didn't ask about accomodation. He said that if being sponsored I would be tied to them for two years and if I left after one I would then be expected to pay some of it back.

  3. hi julie

    i am in the same job in theatres dont know anything about brissey but am looking forward to finding out.

    we were all set for adelaide but the mater and their package managed to tempt us away!

    we are also going PR but state sponsored as only qualified 2+ years ago and i REALLY dont want to wait till next year to apply for 175.

    i am sure some one from te Mater will reply soon (there seems to be plenty)

  4. jbro31

    jbro31 Guest

    Hi guys, glad we have a post going on this one it makes it quicker for me to find! Can you tell me what the difference is with the 175 visa as opposed to 457 I just assumed this was the one all sponsored peeps went over on? I have been reading all the QNC nursing reg application, it isn't as complcated as I previously thought, does anyone know what a "Notary public" is classed as (for certifying and witnessing paperwork)? It doesn't specify this and it would help to have more info? Do you think we can get the paperwork done realistically in 12 months, it's doable isn't it? Jx
  5. hi jbro31

    the 175 is the ultimate no holes barred visa!!! you can work where and for whom you want....if you can get this one get this one..
    next is the 176 in which you are sponsored by the state you wish to work in...need 100 pionts for thisas opposed to 120 for the 175
    you are commited to live and work in the sponsoring state for 2yrs but it is a permanent visa so entitled to all rights as a PR.

    the 457 is a temporary visa for up to 4 are sponsored by an employer and you have to work for them for however long your visa is for...(dont know all teh legalities and stuff for this as we are going on the 176)

    if you can take your time and have the points go for permenant - more security and choice.
    if you want to get out asap go for the 457 you can always change to permanent when you are out there.

    the 457 is the fastest
    state sponsor is supposed to be faster than the 175 but who knows..
    on line applications are supposed to be quicker than paper but again who knows

    hope this has helped
  6. jbro31

    jbro31 Guest

    Well that's great but now I am even more confused, I may email the mater and see what they suggest and have a read and see what we come up with, it sounds like the 176 may be th e better option. Many thanks, I will be back shortly with more questions no doubt! Jx

    Ok so what is the best way to go about this, I figured applying to QNC first but this seems maybe not the best way, is there any list that guides us what to do, I haven't had any advice from the mater so hence why I haven't a clue! They did say something about 2 years but I think this was related to relocation fees actually)?) as opposed to state sponsorship.
    J xx
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  7. ap_cj_avery

    ap_cj_avery Guest


    Hi All, I work for the Mater in Brisbane so I can only talk for them. I'm a Midwife in the new Mater Mothers. We've been in Brisbane for about 10 weeks now. With regards to your relocation costs, they will pay up to 15,000 for a family, 10,000 for a single individual. Although they do have set things that they'll pay for (flights to Brisbane, temp accomodation, medicals etc) when I put mine in they told me to just put the receipts in for anything I thought reasonable and that the finance Dept. would sort it out. I put my clain in the first week and got the money at the same time s my first pay check. The deal with the relocation allowance is based over 2 years, so your not tied to them for 2 years but if youleave before then, youhave to pay a percentage back. eg, if you leave after 6 months, you have to pay 75% back, after 12 months, pay 50% back etc. Hope this helpsxx
  8. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    I am currently relocating a family and the lady has a job with Qld health in the hospital at Southport,Gold Coast.She is on a pr visa and QLD gov are paying her accommodation and relocation costs as long as she stays with them for 2 years.It was a simialr deal with a lady last year who i relocated as she had gained employment with the Royal Brisbane hospital.
    The PR visa is definately the best route to go if possible ,it may take a while longer than sponsership to process but you are completely unrestricted once you arrive and are eligible for full centrelink Benefits and Full Medicare cover.
    Cal x
  9. mr luvpants

    mr luvpants Guest


    This is an interesting thread!!!

    First of all can I ask please how far away is the Mater Hospital from say Jimboomba or springfield lakes?And is it easy, commuter wise to get there by car?

    My wife is soon to be qualified.We were thinking of waiting a year and then getting PR but the relocation package sounds very attractive. How would we go about getting on the Nurse graduate scheme and how long does it take to come through?

    I am sure that I will have more questions but this will do for now!

    Many thanks

  10. Ang

    Ang Guest

    Hi All.

    I am soon to be a midwife with the Mater (just newly qualified!!) To the midwife who has been there 10 weeks, can you give me any indication of what it is like working in Oz as a midwife?? Do you get the same amount of autonomy as in the UK?? or is it more obstetric nursing?? Is there as vast difference between the public and private sector?? Would be great if you could give me some info. Lastly, thus far are you enjoying the environment??

    p.s. did you or do you live near to the Mater? did you manage to secure accommodation prior to leaving for Oz, or did you get something on arrival?

    Sorry for all the questions.......perhaps I could buy you a drink once we get there!

  11. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Hiya John on average it takes about 35/40 mins to go to the centre of the city from Flagstone which is just outside jimboomba ,Springfield lakes is about 10 mins nearer than here.We find the Cenetnary Highway much easier to use than Beaudesert Rd/Lindsey highway as there is lots less traffic ,which id worked that a year ago,lol.
    The family i have here now are on PR and still get the costs paid by QLD health,she said if she knew back in the UK what she did now she wouldve worked at Logan Hospital instead of Southport.
    Hope this helps a bit
    Cal x
  12. WARDStoOZ


    Hi all,

    I'm a fully qualified nurse and midwife with over twenty years of experience. I'm 46 and my husband, a qualified financial advisor, is 45. We have two boys aged 16 and 13. We are strongly considering emigrating to the Brisbane area in particular and have been seriously considering the Maters Mothers hospital. Due to my job, I believe I could get sponsored on a 457 temporary visa which would get us all into Oz. How easy is it to then apply for permanent residency after having worked in Oz for a bit (with our ages being taken into account - if it makes a difference)?

    Has anyone done this or something similar and does anyone have any advice for us?

    As my job is on the Occupation in demand list, I have heard that it may still be possible to apply for a permanent visa now, even though we are just passed 45. Is this true???

    Thanks for the help...
  13. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Hiya Guys ,Ward? is that your surname ? its my maiden name,lol,.
    Where possible id get the PR before you move rather than sponsership ,the pr carries alot less ties and more perks once your here,you also get full medicare cover and are eligible for Centrelink help if your on a PR and every penny counts when your finding your feet. You may find your age isnt much of problem especially if you have a job secured for your arrival. Maybe have a chat with a competant agent as they will point you in the right direction,good luck
    Cal x
  14. ap_cj_avery

    ap_cj_avery Guest

    Hey Angela
    We didn't have the accomodation before arriving, we went into a hostel, but to be honest its actually cheaper renting our place. We're in Kangaroo Point, it's mostly a student area from the International school at Shafston, but the rent is reasonable, its a short City Cat (ferry) ride to the city and southbank and a 15 min bus ride to work (although you can walk it at a decent pace in 35 mins). I was lucky as I'd stayed in Brisbane 3 years ago when I backpacked so I kinda knew the city area's. Renting is fierce here but saying that at the mo there's about 3 rental signs up our street. Depends on where you want to be tho, I know West End is very in demand!!
    The midwifery is very different, you don't have the same autonomy as in the UK, but if your willing to fight for it then you should be ok, but you do come across brick walls from time to time in the private sector. The private end of the Mater Mothers is very much Obstetric Nursing but you should be ok if you're on the public. As a newly Qualified Midwife you'll be on the New Grad rotation system, do this it'll be great you'll get to see every area and then at the end of the year(I think it's a year) you can choose where to go. Its all shortstaffed so they'll love having you anywhere. I was really lucky as I'd done a mix of Private and Public in NZ, but a girl fromthe UK started with me and she just couldn't get her head round the Private, but at the end of the day, the women adn thier families are not the problem, you still care for the exactly the same as you would a public patient, its the Obstetricians that take a bit of getting used to. Hope thats not been too negative, Its still Midwifery but its more Midwifery on the Public floors.
    Let us know when you get here and we'll have to catch up for a drink to celebrate you getting to Oz. Its also nice to know someone here. We knew no-one and its been hard settling in, but there's plenty of us out here to lend a hand or an ear. We're just starting to socialise a bit more now so thats all good.
  15. WARDStoOZ


    Hi Cal,

    Yes Ward is our surname and its a small world lol

    Thanks for the help...
  16. cityfan

    cityfan Guest

    relocation packages

    ......... The deal with the relocation allowance is based over 2 years, so your not tied to them for 2 years but if youleave before then, youhave to pay a percentage back. eg, if you leave after 6 months, you have to pay 75% back, after 12 months, pay 50% back etc. Hope this helpsxx

    hi..not sure if you can help me with this question but you seem to know quite a lot about the hospital only pay towards relocation costs for 175 visa holders or does the hospital help with costs for 457 holders too??....cheers, melanie...x:laugh:
  17. ap_cj_avery

    ap_cj_avery Guest

    Hi Melanie,
    I'm on a 457 Visa and they paid my relocation allowance so I think they must offer it to all ovrseas staff relocating, no matter what visa they're on, though I'm not too sure about the working Holiday Visa
  18. WARDStoOZ


    Hi all...

    I was just wondering if there is anyone who has emigrated to the Brisbane area and works as a midwife at the Mater Mothers Hospital? Could you tell me about the hospital, in your opinion please, is it a good place to work???
  19. pagnatash

    pagnatash Guest

    Hi Just discovered this website! wish I'd have found it before as we are due to arrive in Brisbane next week & there is loads of good info on here! Is there anyone out there who works at Mater Childrens ? - I am due to start on the clinical transition programme in January but am getting to Oz in plenty of time to settle the kids in school etc ! We need to find good schools in a nice suburb! Can anyone recommend a primary & secondary school that are close to each other in an area about 30mins drive from hospital ?! Any info at all is greatly appreciated !! Thanks for reading & cant wait to get there!! :tongue::laugh::wink:
  20. Hiya

    Are you still needing info, I am back in Bolton now, but know loads of theatre nurses on the Sunshine Coast - can get your questions answered when I get back home early Jan if you need me to


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