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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by tilbert73, Jan 17, 2013.

  1. tilbert73

    tilbert73 Guest

    Hello Everyone,

    I'm Suzanne (39) and I'm married to Steve (47) & have 2 sons (Logan 9 & Bailey 7) & 1 daughter (Darcie 6). We have decided to try and achieve our dream of living in Australia - we have been mulling it over for the last 12 years and have now found ourselves in a position where we are too old to re-train & get the relevant experience to support our application - we have been in touch with a reputable migration agency who advised us that the only way we could do it is to gain 457 Employer Sponsorship. They also advised that Western Australia (Perth) would be one of the best places to try and achieve this as it is very "up and coming" and on the look out for Trade Workers

    Hubby is highly experienced in Upvc Fabrication, having worked in the industry over 15 years. So this is the route we are going to take......have put a "thread" in the Jobs forum & am waiting a reply.....did find an old thread for sponsorship for a Upvc Fabricator & have sent them an email in the hope they either havent filled the position or they hold our details on file should another position arise - waiting with baited breath!!

    We are prepared to live in any part of Australia - but we would prefer Perth or Brisbane area as we have friends in both places which would help with the settling in process.

    In fact our friend in Perth used to be in recruiting and is helping source potential sponsors - fingers crossed!!

    Does anyone have any other advice that they can give us?


    Suzanne & Steve - ever hopeful!! [​IMG]

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