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  1. Hi, I'm a 24 year old female almost 25. I'm originally from the sunshine coast and have been living in Brisbane for 7 years. I am a bit on the shy side and find it difficult to put myself out there and meet new friends, however, I am looking to make genuine female or male frienships with people betwen 23-30. I currently am in a long term relationship and am not interested in dating. My main interests are high fashion so going to fashion events, shopping, hair, beauty, I like going to the movies, coffee/ tea, and lunch/dinner catch-ups, going out for drinks and just hanging out. I'm an easy-going person and friendly and would love to make friends with anyone who is intersted. If this sounds like what you're looking for, I'd love to meet you!

  2. NeilA

    NeilA Guest

    Hi, my name is Neil and I'm also 24, I moved over here from Scotland a few months ago but only been in Brisbane for 1 month. I am also looking to meet people and make new friends so if you fancy going for a coffee or something sometime then send me a message :)
  3. helenaadams

    helenaadams Guest

    Im 27, not really a high fashion girl (well I like it.. dont think it likes me!)
    But I like to try and look nice
    I am married no kids.
    You can find me on facebook
    PM me if your interested
  4. samb

    samb Guest

    I'm having the same problem

    Hi there,

    I moved up to the Gold Coast almost 2 years ago now and have also found it really hard to make friends. I think especially once you have a full time job.

    I tend to come up to Brisbane about once or twice a month. I am interetsed in Fashion as well, but would not have a clue when the fashion events are on up here. We - my fiance and I - are both really in to fitness. He does competitive cycling, and I go to the gym and practice yoga.

    I am also interested in making some genuine friendships.

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