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  1. malteaser204

    malteaser204 New Member

    I am 28 and from Ireland and looking to meet new friends as I moved here with my Australian boyfriend. Contact me if you are in the same situation.


  2. Saffababe

    Saffababe Guest


    I have also moved here recently from the UK with my husband. I am 29 and originally from South Africa and keen to meet for a drink in the city.
  3. Shell

    Shell Guest

    Hey! Just moved here with my husband - we are both from Scotland. Keen to meet up if everyone would like to have a big get together! X
  4. the scottish smiths

    the scottish smiths New Member

    hi there, i think theres going to be a social event this coming weekend. keep an eye on the forum and come along if you can make it.
  5. Jit7

    Jit7 Guest

    Hi guys

    We're having a meet up at the Kangaroo Cliff in the city this Saturday. I've just posted the details. Come along if you can as it would be great to meet.
  6. miriam

    miriam Guest

    Hey everyone! I've just moved from New Zealand, my partner is from Brisbane and looking to meet some people, looks like I missed this meet up but hopefully catch up with some of you soon
  7. Fee fee

    Fee fee Guest

    Hi Guys

    i know some of your posts are quite old but if anyone is arranging a meet up or still looking at making some new friends then please let me know, I moved here from the uk in jan to live with my boyfriend and i am yet to meet any girlfriends that I can catch up with over a wine or two! Would be great to meet up at some point, Fiona
  8. Hey Fiona,

    I just joined this forum because I've just moved to Brisbane last week. It's really hard to meet new people, now, isn't it? When you at Uni, or you are backpacking it seems like everyone is very keen to be friendly and engaging. Now it's hard to talk to randoms at a bar because you feel like it's intrusive - and when you are with a partner, it's even harder. Sigh. Anyway, I'm free today .. now even :p (Friday), tonight (Friday night) tomorrow night, and most nights next week. I'm located in South Brisbane, so it's easy for me to get anywhere.

  9. Saffababe

    Saffababe Guest

    Hey Fiona and Kat

    Keen to catch up. Only been here a couple of months. Based at kangaroo point. Private message m please.
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  10. gina-marie

    gina-marie Guest


    Also just joined...been here a month, live in Robertson and missing my UK girlies :(

    Anytime you fancy a drink, just let me know. x
  11. gina-marie

    gina-marie Guest

    Whoops - Fiona, didn't see your post. That goes for you too haha x
  12. malteaser204

    malteaser204 New Member

    hey girls, Carlyn (saffababe) and I are based in Kangaroo Point if you all want to organise coffee or drinks soon? I don't work Sunday or Mondays if those days work, otherwise I can meet after work as I am in the city.
  13. andie74

    andie74 New Member

    hi there i have been living in manly west for 5 months stay at home mum with 2 girls aged 5 and 2 if anyone in this area for a coffee and chat let me know
  14. Anki

    Anki Guest

    Hi, My Name is Anki, I am 28 and from Germany and I just moved to Brisbane with my boyfriend who is Scottish. I am very keen to meet people for a couple of wines, coffee etc. If anyone is organising a evening or is interested in a meet then please contact me.
  15. malteaser204

    malteaser204 New Member

    hey anki, we are meeting a few of the girls tomorrow night at the Eagle street Pig and Whistle at 7.30 if you fancy it? there should be a good group of us going and we have a table booked?
  16. Anki

    Anki Guest

    Sorry, I didn't make it because I worked at the pig n whistle. Soo busy! Where about where you guys? Outside? Hope you had a great night and maybe catch up another night but always working late over the weekend.
  17. miriam

    miriam Guest

    Hey gals, so nice to catch up with you last night and meet some new people! If anyone is out and about tonight (or wants to be) I am heading into the city to meet up with a couple of people so pm me :) otherwise see you all next time :)
  18. fiona3190

    fiona3190 Guest

    Hey Girls

    Im Fiona , 22 from the UK . Have been living in Brisbane about 6 months now and finding it really hard to meet people as im not at Uni or anything. Would love to meet up for a drink or something. If your interested let me know :)

  19. Lana12

    Lana12 Guest

    Hie all! I am currently studying at a local uni and I have to say making friends hasn't actually been as easy as I imagined it wld be. I moved to Brissy with my boyfriend but unfortunately it didn't work out n now m feeling the loneliness. I always hoped I wld meet some interesting ladies to hangout with but everyone in this city is too busy so naturally my boyfriend became my best friend. I don't mean to blabber on so anyway my point is I have been here for almost four years now and I need to meet other gals n do all interesting girly stuff. I am a bit reserved around new pple but tht quickly changes once I get to know you. I live in the north side, abt 20 mins from the city. Anyone interested pliz message me, I wld love to meet up for coffee or something
  20. malteaser204

    malteaser204 New Member

    Hey Lana and Andie (just realised I missed your message)
    we had a great meet up on Thursday so we seem to be forming a nice big circle of friends :) so newcomers are more than welcome! everyone is in the same position and very welcoming! I think a couple of us are meeting in the city on Monday for coffee if either of you can make it? anki I think you have already organised it with Fiona

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