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Discussion in 'Welcome' started by Luke and Gabie, Jun 7, 2010.

  1. Hi everyone!
    Me and my boyfriend are moving to Brisbane in August we are 21 and 23, we are very socialble and are very keen to make new friends. Luke is a Carpenter/Joiner and is currently still looking for work. We are still unsure of an area to go to so any advise would be most appriciated. xxx
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  2. srp

    srp No longer active member

    Hi Luke & Gabie,

    Welcome to BIB.

    The areas to look for in Brisbane will depend where Luke can find work, how far he is willing to travel to work and things like that. It is a large area and each district has some very nice areas. I am sure the members will be able to offer advice on facilities and social life in each district.

    Good luck with your plans.
  3. KaylaJay

    KaylaJay Guest

    I am 21 and my husband is 24, we have a little girl who is now 9 months old. we live in cleveland. Where abouts are you guys. What made you mve to aus?
  4. Hey,
    Thank you for your message! Well we are still in Wales at the moment we are coming to Brisbane on the 27th of August. We just decided to try and make a better life for ourselves. We are really unsure of an area still, but really it depends on where luke finds work. What is Cleveland like? It would be really nice to meet people of the same age group as we dont no anyone yet. xxxx
  5. Hi Colin,
    Thank you for your reply x
  6. KaylaJay

    KaylaJay Guest

    Not long to go. Cleveland is the perfect place to start and bring up a family. It is a lovely area, shops,pubs,parks,schools, big shopping malls not too far away. Its also right by the ferry port for stradbroke island ferries (My favourite place) you have to go there. There is a pub/ nightclub in alexandra hills not too far away. we are about 45 minute train/bus ride to the City.

    Birkdale is about 15minutes drive away. People tend to refer to Birkdale as little britain or britain on the bayside. They have a shop selling all the things you miss from home, there is a good traditional english chippy and also a balti house ran and owned by a family from birmingham.

    Hope your big move goes as smoothly as possible, and we would love to catch up and give any help or advice you guys need
  7. Hey,
    Thank you that is a lot of help. We will have a look at jobs in that area. How long have u been out there, do u find it is hard meeting new people? It is going to be really weird not having any friends at first.
    Is there a waiting list on getting a rented house? What are the beaches like around that area? sorry about all the questions haha xxx
  8. KaylaJay

    KaylaJay Guest

    I have been here for 4 years and my husbane about 3 now. we met here lol he is from brighton and i am from birmingham. It has been hard, but if ur both working you will have no problems at all. If you are close we iwll have to go out for a drink or have u guys over when we have all our other english friends over. No waiting list. if you look on or and look at rentals in and around cleveland. the postcode is 4163. a basic 2 bedroomed 2 bath apartment on a little complex is about 350 a week so about £ 175 a week. The beaches in cleveland are small there are quite a few in and around. But the best beaches are on stradbroke island. the ferry port is in &cleveland and its about 30 mins on the ferry to straddie but it is amazing. Me & my hubby were married over there.
    Not a problem...hope i gave all the right answers lol x
  9. Aww that is lovely! Yes we would love to meet up with you both. I will speak to u soon thanks a lot you have been a great help x x x
  10. Tinkerbell79

    Tinkerbell79 Guest

    Hi Gabie,

    I will be moving to Brisbane in October with my other half and baby girl and am looking for friends too - especially as I am not going to be working! We aren't sure where exactly we are moving to either, but we're sure it will either be in the city or very close to it. Where about's in the UK are you?

  11. Hi Donna,
    I live in South Wales at the moment, how about u? It will be really nice to meet up with u when you arrive. Hopefully we will be a little settled by then. Has ur partner got a job to go to? I dont think i will be working straight away either (well i hope i dont have to haha ) XXX
  12. Tinkerbell79

    Tinkerbell79 Guest

    Hi Gabie,

    I'm living in Newbury at the moment, but heading off to Swindon in a few weeks time before the big move!! I'm so excited, and the weather here at the moment really helps with the motivation to go! LOL. Yep, my other half has another job lined up already - we are really lucky, they offered us any city we wanted - so we went for Brisbane!! Have you been there before? I was there about 5 years ago for a holiday and loved it. What do you and your other half do? I was a recruitment manager here but since having the baby I have decided not to go back to work. Do you know where abouts you are going to be living yet?

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