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Discussion in 'Socialising & Get Togethers' started by joelle, Aug 24, 2011.

  1. joelle

    joelle Guest

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    [TD="class: alt1"]Hi, I moved to The Gap, Brisbane with my husband and 3 children (ages 12, 16 and 18) recently and would like to get to know other mums living in The Gap or nearby. My youngest children are settling in to The Gap High School and my eldest daughter is waiting to go to university next February.

    If you would like to meet up for a coffee and chat it would be great to hear from you.

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  2. Suzcol

    Suzcol Guest

    Hi Joelle, I am planning to move to The Gap in Dec/Jan and am looking for info on the area and The Gap High School. Just wondered if I could pm you with a few questions. My children are 12, 13 and my eldest will be 16 when we arrive.
  3. Stacy_in_Oz

    Stacy_in_Oz Guest

    Hi Joelle - it appears you moved her a year before us :) My name is Stacy and we have moved to The Gap last month..1 child (12) at Hilder Rd and the other child (14) at the GSHS. My husband is Australian and the girls and I are from the US. Are you up for having a cup of coffee or glass of wine? Look forward to hearing from you.
  4. the scottish smiths

    the scottish smiths New Member

    hi everyone.

    Im Gordon (33) partner Lisa (27) and daughter Rebecca (5) are moving out to The Gap in november. we would love to meet up and have a coffee or a BBQ somewhere. we dont know anyone in the area and it would be very nice to meet up with people in the same situation.
  5. joelle

    joelle Guest

    Hi Stacy welcome to The Gap! Would love to meet up with you, are you free tomorrow morning as I'm meeting friends for coffee so you'd get to meet some other local mums too?
  6. Stacy_in_Oz

    Stacy_in_Oz Guest

    Hi Joelle - I'm sorry to have missed your message. I would love to meet up with you (and others) when you plan it again. Look forward to hearing from you.
  7. fish.01

    fish.01 Member

    In case you missed it:

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