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  1. WanderingStar

    WanderingStar New Member


    Do you miss doing things with your British girlfriends? Shopping trips...lunch...vino...just having someone who phones for a chat in the evenings? SNAP!

    I moved to Brisbane a year ago with my Aussie husband, and now that the initial excitement of catching up with old friends is over, I'd really like to meet some new friends of my own. I've met a few lovely people since I've been here, but I miss having friends who know what I mean when I say "mardy" or "numpty"...

    I'm a young late 30s, no kids (although I don't mind if you do), and live in New Farm.

    I feel sure that there must be other expats in my's quite hard to meet new friends when you're older and you work and everyone else has known one another for their whole lives and you're new...

    Anyone like to meet up? I'd be glad to hear from you :)


  2. Pollygirl

    Pollygirl Guest

  3. Queenie

    Queenie New Member

    Hi Vicky,

    I've met a mate on here already, we both have kids but it's not a problem that you don't (I'm free and childless twice a week). I'm in Capalaba, she in North Lakes, if you fancy meeting up inbox me.
    It's nice to meet people you can relate to and who get your sense of humour!
  4. Pollygirl

    Pollygirl Guest

    Hi Vicki I arrived in Oz a month ago, its taking me time to settle to be honest, but if your still up for going out for a coffee or shop let me know Karen :jiggy:
  5. larzimoore

    larzimoore Guest

    yeah vicky hope i can make agood match

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