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Discussion in 'Renting & Real Estate' started by Cyclops, Oct 17, 2010.

  1. Cyclops

    Cyclops Guest

    Hello Brits in Brisbane,

    I have recently moved here from Adelaide for work reasons. Anyone point me in the right direction. My work is near Fortitude Valley. There is only me myself and I would prefer a two bedroomed property so that people have places to stay if they come here.

    Kind regards,


  2. cal

    cal Super Moderator

  3. Cyclops

    Cyclops Guest


    Thanks for the reply. Does anyone have any experience of dealing with estate agents around here. I have arranged to meet 5 estate agents and only one of them turned up. The one from
    LJP hooker.
    Any views. Why are they so crap????????????????????
  4. srp

    srp No longer active member

    Hi Welcome ot BIB,

    Unfortunatly estate agents are just a pain in the ass, You are probably looking in an area that is easy to let and the agents do not have to work for thier money, My only real suggestion is that you try offering three months money up front (if you can) that may focus their attention. I do know people who have offered $10 a week more rent to secure the tenancy, personally I dont like to offer extra, but some think it is worth it.
  5. srp

    srp No longer active member

    Just a thought, is it worth looking further out and considering commuting by train into the city.
  6. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    As Colin correctly states Agents are a pain the bum ! Im sure if they migrated and gone through what we have they would pull their finger out more. Never expect return phone calls ,even when they sat they will ring you, get their number as they probably wont. If you have arranged any viewings always ring a few hours before to confirm its still happening.

    Sadly most agents won't bend over or go that extra mile for a tenant, although its funny how ín depth'and official they get when it comes to you vacating and getting your bond back!

    Cal x

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