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  1. Gra and Mich

    Gra and Mich Guest

    Hi all,

    Me and my fiance Graham are leaving Blighty in less than three weeks and are heading to Brisbane to start our new lives Down Under after finally being approved for our permanent residency visas earlier this year.
    We're travelling around Asia for a while on the way down and then have two weeks with our friends in Perth before finally arriving in Brisbane.

    We have sooo much to do still and on top of trying to arrange everything I am so nervous about it!!
    It's a massive move - we spent a year in Brissie a few years back so we know what to expect (ish) but I can't believe we're finally going through with it!!

    Our leaving do is next week and i'll probably spend the whole night crying!!

    We'll certainly get ourselves back on this website when we arrive and hopefully arrange to meet up with some of you guys who are already there.

    Anybody else been through The Big Move recently?!!


    Mich & Gra

  2. srp

    srp No longer active member

    Hi Mich & Gra,

    Good luck with your move and I hope it all goes well, let us know how things go once you start to settle in.:biggrin:
  3. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Hi Guys
    Welcome to BIB and lots of luck with your move, what a fab adventure you will have en-route!!!!

    We made the move almost 4 years ago now, it is daunting and saying your goodbyes are horrible yet unavoidable (just avoid airport goodbyes if you can) but once here and settled a little it does get easier and life truely can be great out here.

    Lots of luck with everything
    Cal x
  4. dolphindiva

    dolphindiva Guest

    We made the big move in July, the goodbyes are definately hard and it takes time to settle but its definately worth it

  5. jezzybear

    jezzybear Guest

    Moved here 20yrs ago and I would NEVER go back to live in the UK :) Loved it from the day I landed :)
  6. bacardi167

    bacardi167 New Member

    been here a 1.5 years now.its ard at first but so many ofus here want to make friends...its hard not too....

    hope to see you soon and good luck
  7. guest1919

    guest1919 New Member

    We came in July too .... And agree with what others have said! The emotions are in turmoil in those last few weeks so remember when you arrive to take time to enjoy your surroundings and remember why you chose to do this. We love it here and have met many people through PIO - good luck and enjoy the adventure :wub:
  8. Chrisinus

    Chrisinus Guest

    Lived in Brisbane for 15 years and then tried other countries. After many years on the road, we're headed back to Brisbane. Definitely the best place on the planet! You'll love it! Just enjoy the experience!!!
  9. Gra and Mich

    Gra and Mich Guest

    Thanks for your posts everyone! We're here now and in the process of trying to get some work and looking for a place to rent. Plenty to be keeping us busy! Hope everyone's keeping safe with regards to the floods :)
  10. Teva

    Teva New Member

    Scary but exciting!

    Hey Gra and Mich

    Glad to hear you guys made it safe and sound. The floods been taking up most peoples attention but hopefully you find somwhere nice to rent.
    My English boyfriend and I moved here 8 weeks ago and have been staying with my folks who live on the Gold Coast. We are keen to start our new lives properly though and so are moving up to Kangaroo Point in Bris in a couple of weeks and would be happy to catch up for drinks one evening or on the weekend if you guys are close to the city? What sort of work are you guys looking for?
  11. Gra and Mich

    Gra and Mich Guest

    Hiya Teva,
    Thanks for getting in touch. You lucky things staying on the Gold Coast!! Where abouts in England are you guys from? We're Essex. We're trying to find a place near the city to rent too. Maybe south or east. Graham's an electrician and i'm looking for an admin job. Have you guys managed to find work?? Are you in the city yet or still on the GC? It's pretty daunting all this starting a new life stuff isn't it!! Thought we'd make the big move whilst we're still young(ish!) and before we start a family & I think kids have a better life out here. Just can't wait to get settled! Have a good weekend :)
  12. Teva

    Teva New Member

    Hi Mich
    With all the rain we havent got to have the best of it while we have been living down here but my folks live down here so I think we'll try and pop down to the coast on the weekends for the lovely beaches!
    Next weekend we move into our flat in Kangaroo point which is very central in Brissie- very excited! Im originally from South Africa but lived in the UK for 8.5 years, Neil is from Welwyn Garden City but we lived in Hertford for a long time.
    Great time to be an electrician in Brisbane, I think Graham will be very busy! I work in PR in Fortitude Valley next to the CBD and Neil works for a large engineering firm in Archerfield which is about 14km south of Brisbane. Like you guys we also felt this is the right time to make a move, before kids and while we are still brave enough! Its still very daunting and thats why we are keen to make some new friends. I think its easier if you can share the ups and downs- and at least just nice to have people to have a few drinks with!
    Where are you guys staying at the moment?
    Would you guys like to catch up for a drink after work sometime in early Feb?
    Enjoy your weekend!
  13. Gra and Mich

    Gra and Mich Guest

    Hiya Teva,

    Yep we're definately up for hooking up in feb. I'm not sure where we'll be by then. Hopefully we will have found somewhere to rent in Brisbane by then. We're in Redcliffe staying with family at the mo. Let me know when you guys are free and we can arrange to meet up and have a few beers :)
  14. Teva

    Teva New Member

    Hi Mich
    How are you guys getting on deciding where to live in Brissie? We just got the keys to our flat in Kangaroo point and move in this weekend- we are SO excited as its starting to feel like we can build a life here.
    Are you guys around next Friday the 4th? Perhaps we could meet at a bar in the city for an after work drink?

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