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  1. Hello....Any info on Logan City / Village
    How far from Gold Coast?
    Any info would be good re schools. Crime, shopping,socialising and everything else.

  2. carlhall

    carlhall Member

    Hi, welcome to site, I do not know much about Logan but I do not believe it is a popular area. Cal lives closer to that side and hopefully may be able to offer more assistance, she is the font of all knowledge. LOL
  3. Love Shoes

    Love Shoes Super Moderator

    Hi .... A warm welcome .... Same as Carl, don't know the area, just wanted to say hi and welcome you xx
  4. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Logan Village is miles away from Logan central and totally different in every way possible,lol.

    I live 10 mins (further from the coast) from Logan Village ,hubby works near Ashmore on the Gold Coast and it takes him around 55 mins each way. There are a few different routes you can take and its very rare with some of them to ever be stuck in traffic. Logan Village is lovely and growing fast,it has its own shops and a supermarket (Woolys) is currently being built. It has a primary school but you have to travel for high schools,although it isnt far and you have a choice of 3 or 4 very good schools, private and public.It is a typical 'village' and has a country feel with lots of acreage properties available, although the new 'Estate' Yarrabiliba is selling plots now and it will eventually be similar to where i am now at Flagstone Estate (sometimes referred to as Flagstone Rise) so you have an urban feel. Alot of people seem to travel here to Jimboomba for schools, more choice of shops etc.

    Logan Central is a different world,lol, not sure id personally want to live there (Woodridge and Kingston also fall into the Logan Central bracket). Its very built up and has its fair share of problems crime wise TBH. There seems to be hassle between different Races/ cultures a lot. I have never felt unsafe shopping there or anything (and it has some decent shops) but its too similar to what i left behind in Manchester for me,,lol.

    Hope this helps a bit and yell if i can help with anything else

    Cal x
  5. hi!
    Thanks for that..! How long have you lived there? Is there nice parks around near logan village area?
    How far is it approx to drive to Brisbane City?
  6. cal

    cal Super Moderator


    We have been in this area almost 7 years. It takes about 45/ 50 mins into Brisbane city ,again there are a few different routes to take, so you can avoid traffic hot spots and road works,lol. I have to go to the PA hospital in Brisbane quite a lot and an average journey there takes me around 30 min as its not normally peak travel time when i go. If i did work in the city daily, i think id do the park and ride as parking in the city can be expensive, this would make a longer commute though.

    There are sports clubs, parks, skate parks, just about anything you need activity wise is within a 10 min drive.

    Cal x
  7. Thank u! Is jimboomba a flood risk?
    Your info have been really helpful, I will be back for more no doubt! ;-)
    Cheers. :-D
  8. cal

    cal Super Moderator

    Not really, the flood risk is hard to work out as an area may have the 'flood risk' title but only one street in 50 may actually flood.

    The floods we have had lately (January being the worst for us personally) caused 3 or 4 of the main roads into and out of Jimboomba / Flagstone to flood, im not aware of any homes damaged but we were 'marooned on Jimboomba Island' for 3 days,lol.. The local councilor was shipping medication and baby supplies across the flooded road by boat ,along with bread and milk to re stock the local store.
    From experience , around here, it tends to be roads that flood rather than houses the majority of the time we have had the heavy rain.

    Overall when looking at renting or buying ,focus on the individual property for flood risk not the area.

    Cal x
  9. carlhall

    carlhall Member

    I would agree with "Cal", Assess a property for flooding and not the area, Where I live there is a flood risk in the summer storms but at my actual location there no chance that it can flood. I would suggest you ask the agent that you deal with if the property has ever flooded. I believe they have to tell you if you ask the question...

  10. jrandlou

    jrandlou Guest

    Hi All
    Does anyone know the commute time between Logan central area and Brisbane airport as that's where I hope to work.
  11. Keith & Linda

    Keith & Linda Member

    You should be able to do that in 45min but it does depend on the time of day, the rush hours on the pacific highway can be a pain.
    Working at Brisbane airport is fine, living at Logan??????
    Cheers Keith.
  12. jrandlou

    jrandlou Guest

    We are at the "dart at a map" stage at the minute so any feedback on Logan would be greatly appreciated. It came up as a possible when my wife was looking at nurse jobs.
  13. Keith & Linda

    Keith & Linda Member

    Well I would give Logan a miss, Logan Village is a bit out of the way, a small 1 horse type of place. Rochedale is a new area, as is Waterford, also there Daisy Hill, Cornubia, all within decent drive times of Logan (if that's the hospital where you will be nursing). Other than that if you dart any other areas let me know I will try to help. I would also avoid Marsden, Browns Plain, Eagleby and Beenleigh.

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