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Discussion in 'Jobs & Careers' started by chippey, Mar 18, 2010.

  1. chippey

    chippey Guest

    G'day all! My name is Mat and I am a chippey from Scotland, this is my second time living in Australia. I have been here for over a year this time and dont intend to be leaving this wonderful island anytime soon. To be honoust I have never really gone along with this expat stuff, I have always felt we should "lead by example" and integrate into another culture. Still be proud of our heritage but learn how to live as that community or be that culture. Take on new attitudes, styles and work ethics and embrace another way of living. I have done that whole proud to be from somewhere else thing, comparing everything from attitudes to a packet of good old walkers crisps. But found it only alienated me more from the culture i was trying to live along side. I am well travelled and decided to set up in Australia as I was attracted to how everything was so new and young. Ideas and dreams seem so accessible and achievable over here, however extreme they may be.
    I am currently looking for a new job as a Carpenter as my existing environment is not healthy. My workmates etc (all good lads in a social situation and get on great) almost feel threatened by my presence and experience in my trade. I am good at what I do and love to keep on learning from my peers. If I am not sure about tackling a job which is new to me.......for example outside living areas like decks etc (not many decks built in Scotland haha!) which I have never done, I watch, ask questions and learn fast. I want to know and gain those skills, I become vulnerable and open to these new ideas. I do not get this recipricated or feel that "trust" that should be there in teamwork when we do jobs I am well experienced in, can do confidently, and willing to pass on my years of experience. My workmates are constantly telling me "Thats not the way we do it here" or they are refuse to learn a new way of doing things and dont even acknowledge what I have said. There is an attitude of not wanting to learn anything "different" I can offer even though I have embraced all their ideas and skills individually. This idea of a fresh open approach and the feeling of being able to achieve anything which I had ,when I first started working is now being comprimised.
    It was hard enough the first time finding a job, longest it has ever taken me in my career. I feel I have exhausted all the usual avenues agin this time already, cold calling, adverts, papers and site visits . So I reach out to my fellow pats as "word of mouth" which I am used to and ask for help in this matter.

    Geeeez a job!!!

    with a smile

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  2. srp

    srp No longer active member

    Hi Chippy,
    Welcome to the site. I hope someone can help you in your search for another Job.
  3. Joe & Leanne

    Joe & Leanne New Member

    Alright Matt,

    Im from Glasgow and am due to land in May the 12th any joy on the job front.


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