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Discussion in 'Socialising & Get Togethers' started by Love Shoes, Mar 8, 2013.

  1. Love Shoes

    Love Shoes Super Moderator

    I am trying to organise a meet up and was thinking Brisbane CBD early May ...... I will probably drive ... I know of a really nice hotel, 4 stars very close to Queen Street Mall, we have stayed there twice before and really like it.

    if anyone is interested in a Friday to Sunday ladies ... Girls break please let me know ..... I think I have a couple of ladies interested so come on girls ....... :yes:

  2. Ktee

    Ktee Administrator

    I would love to but don't think I will be well enough. Will see.
  3. Love Shoes

    Love Shoes Super Moderator

    it would be lovely if you could join us, we can arrange if for July if that's better for you, I am sure Tink will be ok with that, plus it might be cheaper then ... Lol, so we will have more to spend on ourselves :shocked: rather than a hotel ..... Pm me please Kate or text when may be a good time or you .... Hugs x x
  4. tink

    tink New Member

    .........sounds like a good idea................will have to just do a bit of juggling and should be all good...........!
  5. Jpatto

    Jpatto Guest

    Hi ladies, I'm new to this site and will shortly be new to Queensland. I have the most amazing group of girlfriends here in UK and I'm going to miss them so much. If you don't mind a gate crashed I would just love to come on your ladies day. I will be in Queensland full time from end of June, although I'm actually over there this week for three weeks too.
    Jane xx
  6. Love Shoes

    Love Shoes Super Moderator

    Hi Jane,
    You are more than welcome to join us, I haven't finalised a date yet, but will keep you informed, the more the merrier, a am looking forward to the meet up, I am now considering July ....
  7. lesleybruck

    lesleybruck Member

    hi all july for me would be fab as we move over beginning of june so would be great to meet up with you all after chatting on here.
  8. Love Shoes

    Love Shoes Super Moderator

    Cool, I will keep you informed ....
  9. Love Shoes

    Love Shoes Super Moderator

    Just wondering how many of us girls will need overnight accommodation? please let me know and I can get some prices ... I will probably drive, I am about four hours away and don't mind making a slight detour to do a pick up .... again let me know, I will be driving on the main highway .....
  10. Geraldine

    Geraldine Super Moderator Staff Member

    Hey Love Shoes, although I'm not too far from Brissy the idea of a girly night out with own hotel room is quite appealing. I'm just off the motorway in North Lakes if you are happy to call in and pick me up . Promise to have the kettle on with my nice new mugs :D
  11. Love Shoes

    Love Shoes Super Moderator

    How can I say no to a nice hot cup of tea!
    Are you ok to share a room with me :jiggy:
  12. Geraldine

    Geraldine Super Moderator Staff Member

    I certainly can, looking forward to it already :)
  13. andie74

    andie74 New Member

    hi there ladies i have just seen this can you send me some info i live in manly west i would drive in and maybe just do from afternoon as i have two young kids but i miss quality girly time and would love some time out cheers
  14. Love Shoes

    Love Shoes Super Moderator

    Hi Andie
    i will PM you, but as of yet I haven't made any firm arrangements, I am just gathering numbers, I am thinking of the end of July, but as I said nothing is booked yet, I want to really liaise with everyone ....

    Will be in touch later x x
  15. Fee fee

    Fee fee Guest

    Hi love shoes

    i moved to brisbane from the uk in jan and miss my girly time, it would be great to meet up whilst you are on your girly weekend in brisbane if that's okay?
  16. Love Shoes

    Love Shoes Super Moderator

    i am going to pm all the girls who are interested in the meet up ... I will let you have my email address, so if you could please pop me a quick email letting me know if you would like me to get a price for accommodation for you, if not we can still meet up, I am thinking of getting a price from The Chiffley and The Rendevous, both within easy walking distance .. in our heels to Queen Street ....
  17. Hey, and hello, can I gatecrash too?? I am new to Queensland, I have been here 7 weeks now. I am married with 2 toddlers (boys) aged 4 and 2 and soooo need some girlie time. I have just moved to North Lakes (been here a week now after living with friends on the gold coast).

    so far I am loving it here and have no regrets about moving, mind you with the weather today reminding me of the UK it did make me wonder where I was LOL

    anyway, I would love to meet you all and I see there is another North Lakes Lady here, so hello Geraldine :)
  18. Geraldine

    Geraldine Super Moderator Staff Member

    Hi Sandy, hope you are settling in, I know what u mean re the weather today, I got soaked at the bus stop. Mind you I still didn't need a coat so not all bad. Keep in touch
  19. Love Shoes

    Love Shoes Super Moderator

    I succumbed to buying one of those brow away ponchos .... Oh it's so stylish :smile: must get another one to bring on our meet up .....
  20. Love Shoes

    Love Shoes Super Moderator

    Ladies, are there any specific dates any of you 'cannot do' ..... Once I have a firm date I will get a hotel price, also any girls needing accommodation please let me know .....
    also it is sometimes more cost effective to stay two nights, so is anyone up for Friday and Saturday ? I have. 4+ hour drive each way, so I might be better doing 2 nights, is that ok with you Geraldine?

    We have another girl from another thread who wants to join us, I might see if I can duplicate her post to this thread

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